Best Cheap Knife Sharpeners 2017

chef_knifeKnives have always taken on a very crucial role in people’s everyday lives they have since been the handy go-to tool for people that need to get stuff cut and sliced. Whether it is at home or in restaurants or when being outdoors, having a handy and sharp blade is always very important. While these blades function best when they are sharp, one must remember that due to constant usage. Their blades may lose its sharpness and may become dull over time.

Dull knives are always going to be prone to accidents and hence people are always encouraged to keep their honed and sharpened as often as necessary to keep them in their best ad optimum condition. There are a number of sharpeners that one can purchase in the market these days that should make it easier for them to get the honing process done while a lot of people have associated quality buys with higher prices when one takes enough time to really look into what the market has to offer finding the best cheap knife sharpener should not be that hard to do. Here are our top picks of the most affordable sharpeners in the market today


Kitchener 50009 edge grip 2 stage knife sharpener, black

61MK+jk5UwL._SL1444_If you are looking for a sharpener that is portable, lightweight and is going to be very easy to use this offering from Kitchener would be a good choice. It is a sharpener that can be used either on the edge of your table or your countertop. It is easily used in sharp surfaces as well. The pre-set sharpening angles for this tool have rods that are made from crossed ceramic along with blades that are made from carbide. This ensures that sharpening is done in the proper angle every time.

Quick edge is provided by the carbide blades while the ceramic rods which constitute the fine side of the sharpener are used to ensure that one gets to achieve the final honing edge that he so desires. With these two stages for the sharpening, one can expect that this is one sharpening tool that can easily help them achieve that razor sharp edge even when working on blades that have been identified for being damaged and being dull. It is a good tool that can be used if you need your already sharp blades to be touched-up.

Using the unit is safe and easy too. Thanks to the rubber feet that is attached to the tool, you can trust that you will have an easier ad steadier time when getting your sharpening work done. There is also a rubber handle with a soft grip to ensure that you will avoid slipping when doing the sharpening job. Another feature is the v-grip that is found on the bottom which is quite handy when it comes to adding more stability, ease, and comfort when you have to use the tool on a countertop or when using it atop a table.

Despite its small size expect that this is a sharpener that can give you big results. This tool may be pint-sized, but you will find that it is actually one reliable sharpening workhorse that you can have around in your kitchen. Now, sharpening and honing your favorite knife is going to be easier to do from the very comforts of home. There would be no need for you to have to pay the professionals to do the honing and sharpening for you since you now have a handy tool that you can use for this purpose.

This sharpener features a design that is unique in a way that allows it to successfully sharpen euro or American style knives that are straight edged and double-beveled. It offers to sharpen at two stages to and this makes the unit not only compact but very excellent in value. It features a slot that is poised towards coarse sharpening purposes and has carbide blades to ensure that any damaged or dull blade surface is successfully restored to its sharp state again in just a matter if a few pulls. There is also the ceramic slot or the fine slot which is perfect for honing, polishing and finishing purposes. It is the perfect tool if you need to get some light touch-ups done for blades that are still quite sharp.

Expect a tool that is safe to use too. Now you get the benefit of a bottom with the edge-grip feature which is quite handy at ensuring that you will have a stable time sign the sharpener on your counters. This makes it easier for the sharpener to be used even on the edge of your table or on the edge of your counter-tops too as it is not going to end up sliding ad will prevent knives from grazing the smooth surfaces of these areas. At the price that it is being offered at it is indeed one handy tool you would not dare pass up on.


Accusharp 001 knife sharpener

51ZOWqG-w+L._SL1000_When you are looking for a knife sharpener, versatility and ease are two things that you need to really look for when scouring through your choices. Good thing, though, this is exactly what you can expect if you are to go ahead and pick Accursharp’s 001 knife sharpener. This is a tool that will allow you to sharpen your blades quite quickly. You can use it to sharpen serrated blades and those with straight edges. You can even use it to get your axes and your cleavers sharpened as well.

This is a knife with a design that is both unique and ergonomic at the same time. thanks to these features, you can expect that this is a very handy tool that you would certainly want to have around the kitchen, it does not only allow you to sharpen knives with ease it allows you to get your fingers protected will doing so too. To ensure that there is precision edge on the blade tools that you are sharpening, it features a very dependable tungsten carbide blade that is honed with diamonds.

One of the best notable features of this tool is the fact that it as a design that is not only user-friendly but is quite versatile as well. Even those people who have never really had the chance to use these kinds of sharpeners in the past will have an easier time determining how they are supposed to use it to keep their blades maintained. You will find that getting your blade sharpened will mot necessarily take a long time. Most people have found to that they can accomplish a sharper edge in just a matter of seconds. The sharpening task is mess-free and is oil-free as well. It does not require the user to have to guess which angles to sharpen the knife at or handle stones that are rough and awkward. The design is easy to use with the angles already pre-set. This means that the tool is one convenient device for every user to use- whether he has experienced manual sharpening before or not.

Expect the sharpening to not only be fast but effective at the same time. You just need to have the knife you need to hone positioned on top of a table or on a counter top with its cutting edge facing up. Once you have the knife secured in your hand, your next step is to just use the sharpener based on the direction in which you are supposed to position it against the blade. It is as easy as that.

You get a sharpener which is constructed with dependability and durability in mind. Too many times, people find good products in the market that meet their needs well as far as functionality goes only to find out later that they are disappointing where their quality and durability are concerned. Not with this one, though, expect that it is not only going to be very useful for your home sharpening needs. It is one tool that is designed with longevity in mind. Expect that it is going to function well even in years to come.

These sharpeners do not rust as well. Cleaning is going to be easy too as they only require soap and water or they can just be placed along with your dishes ad utensil in your dishwasher and it is all set again.


Linkyo electric knife sharpener featuring automatic blade positioning guides – 2 stage knife sharpening system

71CTkO99TNL._SL1500_If you are buying a knife sharpen for the first time, Linkyo’s offering is a good choice. It is one sharpener that should not be that hard for you to figure out ad it is very easy to use too. Even when you may have no experience using a sharpener in the past, you are sure that you will have a tool that you can easily learn how to use.

 What you are getting is easy to use sharpener that offers a two-stage system. This is an electric sharpener system which makes it an even better choice due to the fact that it will be expected to get your knives honed at a much faster speed. The foot has a non-slip feature to ensure that when using the sharpener, it gets to stay firmly in place at all times.

There is also an automatic positioning feature for the blade this ensures that the knife is going to one held at the perfect angle to ensure that sharpening is going to do in the proper direction. There is also a stop feature that is added to the unit to make sure that the sharpener can be stalled in the event that the unit is causing way too much pressure on the blades this is handy n ensuring that damage on the blade will be prevented.

Expect a unit that is not only simple ad quick to use but one that is very safe as well. Buying the unit is attached with a one year warranty for added reassurance to the buyer.


Winware stainless steel sharpening steel, 12-inch

51qSpTDaJwL._SL1500_If you are looking for a sharpener that should be good for different varieties of knives that you use around the kitchen, this is certainly one choice that you would want to have around your home. It is actually appropriate when used for all sizes and types of knives. This is a heavy unit though so one should not expect to be able to have it positioned in place with just a knife magnet alone. It is made from stainless steel so expect that this is one unit that will not end up getting rusty over time, which really makes for a very sound investment.

The handle for this sharpener is made from plastic and it has a sharpening blade that measures 12 inches long, this is why it is somehow ideal for almost all lights of knives that you may have around the house it is very easy to clean too since all you need to do is have it wiped with a damp cloth and you are done.


Mehome knife sharpener, 3 stage sharpening system for knives, black

61i1r-GxnXL._SL1500_Mehome is offering a knife sharpener with 3 stage of sharpening available. It offers a sharpening angle that is not only instant but is accurate as well the moment that you get your knife placed on the device. There is a ceramic slot that can be used for sharpening your ceramic knives. For dull steel blades, there is the coarse slot. There is also the find a slot which is quite handy in honing your blades toward razor sharp capacity.

This is one sharpen that is known for its easy and fast sharpening capacity. All that one really needs is to do about three or four pulls and the blade should be back to its sharp cutting state again. Now you can avoid damaging those beloved knives since there is no need for you to have to grind them or damage them accidentally with those handheld stones.

It is solidly built too and has slip protection. It is designed with a plastic body along with solid abs to make sure that it will not slip that easy when used. The rest of its feet are made of rubber too for added stability.



With so many choices that are put in the market now, it should not be that hard for one to find those sharpeners that are excellent in quality, yet are to going to break your wallet with their pricing as well. Of course, it is encouraged that you take a look at some cheap knife sharpener reviews to get a better feel of the choices and the options that are present for you. This would be a good opportunity for you to take a look at knife sharpeners for sale and see if there is a way for you to actually find a good cheap knife sharpener that you can use for your everyday sharpening and honing needs. You need a reliable and easy knife sharpener and you want to see to it that it is exactly what you will find.

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