Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners 2017

uuIf you like the ideas of spending a lot of your free time outdoors and enjoying such activities that require you to be out in the open, you would certainly want to have the right gears and the right tools that you can use whenever the situation calls for it. With knives and blades expected to be a huge part of your camping necessity, you will need to have a tool that you can use to keep your blades sharp and ready to be used for cutting as well.

Certainly, you will want to look for the best pocket knife sharpener. Since you will want to use it with your outdoor trips, it has to be lightweight and it should be aptly sized as well. You would certainly want to avoid carrying around one of those huge and bulky sharpeners. It would help to check out some pocket knife sharpener reviews too. Aside from learning how to sharpen a pocket knife, this would be a good time for you to take a look at the way these sharpeners are designed. Thus, allowing you to select the ones that will successfully meet your knife sharpening needs.

Below, we have listed down our tops three picks of pocket sharpeners in the market today. We are hoping that the details we are going to provide you with will help make it easier for you to make an informed and educated decision when making your purchase later.


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

716hZnNeR+L._SL1500_If you are looking for a pocket knife sharpening tool and a very handy one at that, this offering from smith may be well worth the purchase. It is seeking and it is slim, this is a knife sharpener that would be ideal for backpackers, hunters, hikers, and even fishermen would want to have around them whenever they are out and about. This is because it would be a very useful tool to have handy whenever they need to ensure that their blades are kept in their sharpest state while they are roaming around.

The rid for this particular sharpener is tapered out and folded out. it is coated with diamond substance as well to ensure that  it is going to be most reliable in keeping those sharpening jobs as efficiently and effectively done every time. It is a very handy tool when you need to get regular bladed knives and event those serrated ones taken care of.

The unit has carbide blades that have angles which are pre-set. This is a good feature especially since it provides the users with such ease when positioning their knives on the sharpening tool whenever they use it. The angles are pre-set so one does not have a hard time figuring out how to position and angle their blades in an ideal manner to have its blade restored to its sharp and cutting edge glory once again.

After getting your damaged and dull blades sharpened with the use of the blades made of carbide, you can have them honed with the use of the fine blades on the sharpener. This is a really effective way of getting that polished honed finish for your sharp knives. If you already have sharp blades that you just want to hone and maintain better, the fine side of the sharpener is one very handy tool to consider using. Both the ceramic and the carbide stones are reversible. They are replaceable as well which is very handy to ensure that you get the tool used for that extra sharpening lifespan.

The tool ahs a measurement of three and a half inches long and it is an inch wide as well. It is actually very lightweight, with only an ounce on the weighing scale. This is a very handy tool that you would certainly want to always be handy and easy to reach whenever you are outdoors carrying it around is very easy to thanks to the lanyard hole in its design. Now you are sure that you will not have to constantly worry that you might accidentally lose it while you are in one of your excursions.


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_If you are looking for a pocket knife, you wound certainly want one that can be your go-to tool for sharpening needs that you might have when you are out in the open. This is the reasons why you want to have a pocket knife in the first place. You need something that will make it possible for you to fix whatever dull blade or damaged knife you are carrying around so it is going to be useful and usable once again.

It is a good thing that this is exactly what you will get from Lansky’s offering. With its BladeMedic, expect that you have a tool that can resemble having a compare set of a knife sharpening kit ready for you to use whenever and wherever you are. This is a tool that is designed to tackle not only regular blades but serrated ones as well. You can even use it for honing and sharpening those gut hooks, those fishing knives, and those hunting blades as well. If you are looking for versatility, this is certainly one choice would never want to dare miss out on.

The unit has a tapered rod that is honed with diamond, it’s designed to ensure that maintenance and reconditioning of your dull blades and your damaged edges will be fast, efficient, and effective. Restoring your blade will be easy thanks to the blades that are made from carbide tungsten. This coarse side of the sharpener is expected to get your dull blades sharpened in just a matter of three strokes to four strokes.

The unit happens to have a ceramic blade along with a toll for serrated sharpening as well. The ceramic blades are designed for fine sharpening and honing. These roads are most reliable in getting you that finished edge for a better-polished blade in just four strokes or even less. Then, if you have a lot of serrated knives that have lost their bite when they are used to cut at home, you can use the serrated part of the sharpener to accomplish the best results.

A lot of people have actually observed the fact that this is one unit that seems to work as comparably well to those large stones that are used for sharpening purposes. It is versatile due to its ability to tackle and hone various types of blades- quite a handy feature if you want to get something that will have several uses and will not be limited to certain blades and knives alone.

It is very easy to use. Many first-timers in the sharpening field tend to have problems with how they are supposed to figure out the process involved in getting their dull knives sharp again. Not with this particular tool, though, the features are very useful, easy to understand, and pretty straightforward as well. You do not need to have to spend a long time learning the ropes as the instructions are quite easy you can easily pull off getting your dull blade sharpened right even at your first attempt.

Since you are going to expect to use it a lot on the outdoors, you will love the fact that it is designed for exactly such a purpose. It is small and compact. It is lightweight as well, which is always considered a positive especially since you would want to minimize the gears that you will have to be carrying along with you if you are to get some outside excursions done.



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Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

71BDVGz1tmL._SL1387_What you are getting from this pocket knife sharpener that Smith has to  offer is a tool with two blades of carbide tungsten that are designed to make it possible for the user to tackle those dull blades and even those with damaged edges to allow them to be back to their sharp and functional state again. If you have blades that have lost their sharpness and are now being less reliable cutting tools, you have found a tool that can easily get them back to their functional state once again.

Many users will be delighted over the fact that this is a unit that is designed with angels that have already been pre-set. This is always important especially for those non-seasoned users of these kinds of tools. Every knife user how has tried sharpening and honing a blade though these methods before should know how important it is that they are able to get the knives honed in the right angle. This can be tough to do if you have no previous experiences now, you do to have to second-guess the angling and positioning of the blade. This tool is designed with the angles present ahead of time.

The unit has the carbide tungsten blades that are very effective towards ensuring that you will be able to restore those very dull blades most effectively. This is the coarse side of the sharpener there is the fine side too, which is made from ceramic blades. This particular side has preset angles as well. This is usually very effective at ensuring that one gets to have the blades positioned ideally on the sharpener to get the best possible sharp results. This is a very handy tool that can be used in various blade types, and most effectively used for those fillet knives that you use around the house or when you are doing some activities outdoors.

Users of these sharpeners will find it very reliable and easy to use due to the fact that they are easy to use and getting the right sharpness actually takes a little time to accomplish. Restoring the edges of knives that have gone dull will only actually take a matter of seconds, so, you will have a ready to use the knife again without having to wait for a very long time. The rods that are made from ceramics which are crossed are designed to make sure that you will have the right finishing angle for the blades that you are honing and sharpening. This is a useful tool that you can use too when it comes to getting some quick touchups of those knives that you own that are still very sharp.

When it comes to pocket knife sharpeners, it is always going to help that you go for those that are very easy to use, which is exactly what you will get from this specific tool. It is easy to figure out even by those people that have actually had not the chance of actually using a sharpener before. This is also a sharpening tool that is designed to be pull-through. So, getting those blades sharpened should not be that hard to do.

There is also the fact that you have a tool that is designed to be compact and lightweight, these are two features that you would certainly want to have when getting a pocket sharpener. This means that you will not have a hard time getting it carried around with you whenever you are enjoying some outdoor excursions.

The tool is very safe to use as well. Slipping is one of the greatest concerns that user of these tools tend to have whenever they will use them for sharpening their blades. Not with this one, though, it is designed with feet that are made from rubber this adds more safety and stability to the sharpener whenever one is using it in maintaining those blades. It is also one tool that can be easily used on various types of standard edge blades especially those fillet type knives.

Also, to make carrying it around easier, there is a lanyard hole on the tool too. So, putting it around your neck or in your pocket is going to be easier to do.



We are hoping that the details we have provided above are going to help make it easier for you to decide which sharpeners for pocket knives will be most useful for you. Certainly, you want to take a closer look not only at the way these units will function, but you will want to examine you need for these devices as well. This should help make it a lot easier for you to determine which one will be ideal for your regular sharpening needs. Thus, allowing you to choose the one that will give you the most value for your money.

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