Best Portable Knife Sharpeners 2017

serrated-knife-sharpener-2Though the years, knives have taken on a crucial role when it comes to the assortment of purposes that they are used for. Many people have been using these blades in their kitchen. Some have used the in various other activities where cutting and slicing are part of the routine that they have to perform. When it comes to using these blades, though, it is very important that they are sharp. Accidents and slip ups tend to be prevented when you are using a very sharp blade.

But it is also a fact that blades do not stay sharp forever. The constant cutting into surfaces that they are exposed to causes them to become dull over time. Their effectiveness can be diminished when they are dull. Users can end up getting into accidents and even getting hurt when using a knife that is not in its sharp state. A dull blade requires more effort and pressure to slice through things. So, slip-ups and accidents become more possible.

So, it is a good thing that you will have a tool which you can use to ensure that you get your blades sharpened the moment that you will find that they are starting to lose their sharp touch. There are a number of sharpening systems for knives and blades that you can find in the market, but you will certainly want to find only the best handheld knife sharpener there is. You will want to invest money on something that you know is reliable and one that is expected to pit for a very long time too.

Of course, there are a number of things that you need to consider before you will decide which one is the best portable knife sharpener. You will certainly want to gather more information about the choices that the market has to offer so you can trust that you will end up with something that will not disappoint. It doesn’t hurt to read handheld knife sharpener reviews too to get a better idea of the features that these products have.

When you read portable knife sharpener reviews, it is important to check what it says about the price of the sharpener as well as its features. You would not want to just go ahead and focus on the cheapest that you can find. But you need to be sure that will get something that is really worth the money that you will be spending. The speed in which these sharpeners can get your edges sharpened and the ease in which they can be used should be considered too.

With the market strewn with so many choices for you to select from, we have decided to gather our top picks of portable sharpeners to help make it easier for you to decide which one will be most suitable to your blade sharpening better.


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

716hZnNeR+L._SL1500_Smith’s offering for the portable sharpener market is a diamond rod that is tapered for sharpening gut hooks and serrated blades. The unit features blades that are made from carbide making it a very effective tool to use if you want to get the edges set quickly. For finishing the sharpener has a ceramic sot. To ensure that you are going to have guaranteed satisfactory results, the sharpening tool has sharpening angles that are already preset. The unit has carbide blades that are not only reversible but replaceable as well. The same goes true with the ceramic stones. The unit also has a lanyard hole.

What you are getting is a unit that is slim and is sleek as well. This is a very functional portable sharpener that would be ideal for people who would need to have a handy tool that they can use to keep their blade sharp when they are in the great outdoors. This is an ideal choice for hikers, backpackers, fishermen, as well as hunters that need to be sure that the blades that they are carrying around with them as they roam have very sharp edges.

The rod for this unit is tapered, rounded, and folded out. It is coated with a diamond which makes it a perfect tool when it comes to sharpening serrated blades as well as those with standard edges. Thanks to the preset blades that it is equipped with which are made from carbide, restoring a blade with a dull edge is going to be easy. If you want to get that razor-sharp finish, you can maximize the presence of the ceramic stones which are specially shaped to achieve such an effect.

This sharpener measures about an inch wide and 3.5 inches long with a weight of just an ounce. To make carrying easier, the unit has a lanyard hole which is integrated into the sharpener making sure that it stays true to being portable. It is important to remember though that the sharpener should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and then using a towel to dry. It should not be rinsed with water.

This is a sharpener that is small in size. The cutters that are made from carbide are actually very effective at getting the metals removed. Using the sharpener is going to be easy too and one does not have to use a lot of special techniques to get the job done. It should be noted though that the unit seems to have a very low contact with the knife’s blade. This means that it might not be very stable if you are going to apply much pressure when sharpening. Still, this is one handy tool that you can carry around with you if what you need is a quick sharpening of a pocket or a camping knife.

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Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_If you are going to look for a survival knife, might as well look for something that will be extremely portable and will be cheap as well while at the same time, ensuring that it is going to function well where your sharpening needs are concerned. You are in luck though as this is exactly what you can expect to get from Lansky’s PS-MED01 BladeMedic.

The sharpener only registers a weight of 4 ounces. So, you know that getting it into your favorite jacket whenever you go hunting is definitely going to be very easy. Taking it off to target your prey is going to be an easy task as well. If you are concerned about finding a blade sharpener that will be most handy when you are going out for your hunting excursions, then this is one blade sharpener that you would certainly not want to miss out on.

The sharpener features a four-honing system. There are the tungsten carbide and the ceramic angle blades which mean that this is a sharpener that can be used to get those different types of blades that you have duly sharpened. The ceramic blade is designed to give you that polished finish that you would want on your blade. This can be achieved in just three or four strokes only. Meanwhile, the blades made from tungsten carbide will help get the bolder stored to its old sharp look.

This sharpener by Lansky has a rod that is tapered and is made out of diamond. This means that it can be expected to offer an easy and quick reconditioning of your blades that have turned dull. This is a very important factor when selecting a portable sharpener when you go hunting as you need to act fast when you have to target your prey as you draw near.

If you are looking for a first responder when it comes to field repairs to your beloved and handy blades, this is certainly one sharpener that you would never dare pass on. You have a tool that can be expected to sharpen and engage most of those scallops that have serrated edges and it can still be used to fine-tune any fine-edged blade as well.

It is important to note that Lansky has a metal body. So, it is important that one will take some caution when putting pressure on it. Also, the fact that it is a little heavy might mean that it would be better to have it placed inside the pack rather than inside the jacket. It has a bigger size as well and will likely weigh you down if you will carry it around on your clothes.


Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

71BDVGz1tmL._SL1387_Another handy portable sharpener that you would want to have around is from Smith’s. It’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener is equipped with blades made from tungsten carbide that has preset angles. This is to ensure that using the blade would result in getting the perfect edge all the time. The carbide does not require a lot of work it gets your knife sharp again two. Just three or four strokes along the carbide blade would mean that you blade is going to be good as new again.

The sharpener also features two rods that are made from ceramic. Like the carbide tungsten one, it has preset angels too to ensure accuracy when getting your blades sharpened. This would make an excellent finish for those knives that have already been sharpened as it helps add the necessary polish to the sharpened blade. This is ideal for use on various types of knives, but more so on those fillet blades.

One of the first things that people will notice with this blade sharpener is the fact that it is lightweight, portable and compact. It is easy to use too and is designed for easy pull-through when using it during trips outdoors. It also comes with a rubber foot that is designed to be non-slip to ensure that it is going to be very safe for use. It will be very easy to carry around too thanks to its lanyard hole.

To use this sharpener, one must draw the knife across the blades that are made from tungsten carbide. They are labeled coarse. This is important in removing a small amount of the material from the surface of the blade to reshape it towards a sharp from. This would be ideal for dull blades that have a lot of knicks on it as this can help get rid of them.

Afterward, the blade that is being sharpened needs to be drawn across the blades that are made from ceramic. This is to refine ad to soften the sharp surfaces. This is also to ensure that the burrs will be prevented from resurfacing on the blade. This is a good technique to ensure that what you are getting is a surface that is razor-sharp.

When using the sharpener, it is important to note that though it can sharpen the edges it should not be expected that the surface is going to be flawless as it’s not going to be, one cannot expect the finish to professional as well. But it is indeed a very handy tool to use if you are going to need to sharpen blades that are straight and are thicker such as the ones that are on duty and pocket knives. It is one sharpener that you can easily carry around with all the gear that you bring along when you hike or camp and then give your blade a few strokes and it is back to sharp cutting condition again. Thus, making it a really handy tool to have with you if you love being in the outdoors.



With the information that we have provided above, we are hoping that you can take a look at all these knife sharpeners and determine which one you think is going to work best for you and for your sharpening needs. In most cases, it would be a matter of preference and how much you would want to spend for one.

With so many choices to select from, it makes sense that you take the necessary steps to get to know each of these choices and then compare them to how you are going to use the sharpener along the way and the kind of blade that you have. Then, narrowing your choices down is going to be a lot easier for you to do.


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