Best Professional Knife Sharpeners 2017

cccIt cannot be denied that Knife Sharpeners are also one of the most crucial items that can be useful in the kitchen. Since this item was discovered and launched, more and more people are opting to use Knife Sharpener because it could save both of their time and money. Also, if you want to acquire professional outputs by yourself, might as well use a knife sharpener. There is a wide variety of knife sharpeners sold worldwide with different features, weight, advantages, and disadvantages. If you tend to look for one, here are the best professional knife sharpeners of 2017 that you should take into consideration:

First is the 9 pound Electric Knife Sharpener. If you want to sharpen your fillet knife, hunting Electric-Knife-Sharpener-600x399knife or kitchen knife, this professional knife sharpener is perfect for you. In order to acquire a professional output in the comfort of your home, this knife sharpener eventually uses 3 stage sharpening system that is very easy to learn and use. This commercial knife sharpener is produced in China that can be shipped across the world–wherever you are. If you are keen about sharpening your sports knife and a kitchen knife, this professional kitchen sharpener is ideal for you. In order to provide an effective sharpening angle, the sharpener uses interchangeable blades and also to avoid guess sharpening. You don’t need to worry about anything because this blade works effectively in supporting the knife and hold it in a way that would provide the most accurate sharpening angle. For troubleshooting steps, read and comprehend the user manual thoroughly in order for you to be guided. This is one of the best professional knife sharpeners ever manufactured that uses plastic as primary fabric type and platinum as the finishing type. This professional knife sharpener would not require you to install batteries in order to function and when you decided to buy this, you have approximately 1-year limited warranty. The said knife sharpener was launched last 2003 on May 10. On how to sharpen a chef’s knife, an electric knife sharpener is also perfect for you.

The electric knife sharpener gained positive feedbacks and reviews from the customers who bought the product. One of them who wrote a testimony on using an electric knife sharpener is Matt Simerson who had been using whetstones in sharpening his knives for the past 20 years. He eventually saw and bought an electric knife sharpener and after reviewing and comprehending the user manual thoroughly, he started using the electric knife sharpener, using a disposable knife as his first try for his what he calls “metal munching” using a very dull knife. When it worked, he described the output as the knife with edge uniform in full length that he rarely achieves while using his whetstones. Seeing the result, he eventually and confidently tried his 15 years old Henckel chef’s knife and achieved the same positive result. Another advantage is that he only spent a couple of minutes sharpening the knife that saved much of his time.


Also, one of the best commercial knife sharpeners is the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-sharpening station that had been recently launched in 41GJW56F58Lthe sharpening technology as today’s newest breakthrough. This commercial knife sharpener has all the sharpening options in just a single appliance that you can use. It also provides professional outputs and is compatible with any brand or type of the knife that you want to sharpen. It also comes with three stage system that results in “better than factory” outputs. Stage one is the 100% diamond abrasive will began to sharpen the edges of your knife. Next is the stage two that uses a super-hardened miniature steel that produces a very sharp edge with its ultra-sharp microscopic teeth and is famous for its superior edge “bite”. The last is the stage three that showcase its malleable stropping disk that will polish the sharpened edges for it to be ready for any cutting task that you might use. This knife sharpener is user-friendly as it is installed with elastomeric angles that would help in guiding to ensure that the appliance is guaranteed fool-proof.

This commercial knife sharpener is ideal for cooks and chefs from across the world together with its three-stage sharpening system. One of the main advantages also of using this knife sharpener is that the manufacturer is one of the world’s most advanced steeling process so that you can guarantee that it would produce quality outputs with its advanced and upgraded features. Built-in precision angle also guides all throughout. The three stages are operated all the while terminating any redundant work for the user. Also, if you are annoyed with the cluttering sounds of poor quality sharpening gadget then worry no more as this knife sharpener eliminates any unpleasant noise as you work as you look for the perfect angle of your preferred edge for any for any particular cutting task that you may want. In simply pushing the on and off button, you can now start sharpening your chef knives, sports knives, kitchen knives and any other kind and type of knife that you have. The knife sharpener is assembled in the USA with approximately 3 years limited warranty if you opt to buy the product and worry no more because it is already approved by UL.

To prove the quality of the knife sharpener, most of their customers had posted their own review and testimonials about the said product. One of them is an executive chef who dedicated his life in cooking and had spent his past 25 years in the kitchen. According to him, after reading and comprehending the manual thoroughly, he realized that the knife sharpener is very easy to use. Using his main kitchen knife, a 10-inch Wusthof, he tried sharpening it using the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening station, he developed a trick and that is not to over-use the first stage if you don’t want to peel too much metal with your knife. It was about a month ago when he sharpened his knife but the edges are still very sharp and effective. One of his advice is to run through the stage 2 every now and then if you want to maintain the sharpness of your knife.

Other customers commented and described the knife sharpener as it works effectively as to how it was advertised. There are some who find it great because there is no required skill for using such product and it easily produces a sharp edge in no time. Furthermore, you can customize the edge precisely and accurately. Even though most of them are not cooks, they found the knife sharpener one of ht best commercial knife sharpener that was ever launched in the market.


The last one is the Brod& Taylor knife sharpener. A two-pounds 81dz4ZG5E5L._SL1500_sharpening gadget that is specifically designed to suit any type of knives that you might want to sharpen. It also has the capability of handling serrated and Japanese style knives. In just a couple of seconds, your rugged and dull knife can be fixed back into its original “V” shape. The user would be confident using this knife sharpener that he can sharpen his high-quality Damascus blades without the fear of damaging the edges with a poor quality knife sharpener. Brod& Taylor knife sharpener comes with a precision ground ultra-hard Larbide sharpeners on patented spring-action bars. It comes with over 3 different methods to sharpen your knife. In order to achieve that perfect “V” shape of your edge, you need to simply adjust the position of your hand to do so. Daily sharpening will maintain the sharpness of your blade and will eventually extend its service life. If you want sharper blades, you can polish it to a micro bevel. As for the serrated knives, you simply just have the angle the handle of the knife to its side.

Some of the customers even claimed that the knife sharpeners worked as expected. It is very easy to use and its capability to work in a serrated knife alone is worth it. Most of them are glad of its performance mainly because it works in every type of knife they have in their houses and it works even in cheap knives that are only intended for opening packages so it’s very useful. For those who love gourmet cooking, this knife sharpener is perfect too in order to maintain the sharpness of the knife by wiping it every now and then. You can just put it on your countertop and restore your dull and poor knives back to life using this knife sharpener.

Knowing how to sharpen your own knife using a knife sharpener is a crucial skill required in the kitchen. It also helps you in making your work easier and faster. By using a sharp knife, you are most likely to cut the food with much less force than using a dull knife. Less force means less damage to the food as you tend to slice, cut and chop it. Delicate ingredients such as herbs and others will be cut finely using your restored sharp knife. Also, when using a sharp knife, you can predict the blades unlike using a dull knife where the chances of cutting yourself are relatively high. Sharp knives are quick and easy to use, it would eventually save both your time and money and makes the work in the kitchen more enjoyable using this sharpening gadget. Investing in a knife sharpener is great rather than wasting your money over a whole set of expensive but dull knives sitting on your countertop. There is a wide variety of knife sharpener that you can choose from including a commercial knife sharpener, industrial knife sharpener, and an electric knife sharpener. Each of them has a unique feature that contributes a lot into sharpening your knife and restoring its sharp edge. You just have to pick the one with most useful options and the knife sharpener that you think would suit your style in the kitchen. If you are still having doubts about it, read professional knife sharpeners review and commercial knife sharpeners reviews online to see how effective it is for other people. See how it works for them and as much as possible, choose the knife sharpener that has gathered more positive feedbacks from its past clients than negative comments. This would help you in ensuring that the knife sharpener is rather good and quite a worthy investment. With the busy and more revolutionary way of how the kitchen works today, it cannot be denied that a knife sharpener is a must in every cook’s essential tools. The traditional sharpening of the knife using stones had passed and knife sharpeners had been introduced in the market, providing more features, benefits, and advantages that you can very well use in the kitchen.

Most of the knife sharpeners nowadays use up-to-date technologies in order to provide a wide variety of options that you can choose from in order to sharpen and hone your knife efficiently. Whatever your knife is–sports knife, kitchen knife, serrated knife, chef knife and much more. There would be always a knife sharpener that is suited to do the job well done. When you are going to look for a knife sharpener, always consider the material used to produce in order to ensure the durability of the appliance. Take a look also for the additional and more convenient features that you might find very useful because knife sharpeners nowadays come with different features and options to use in order to restore the sharpness of the of your knife. Basically, they all have the same goal and that is to satisfy their customers but they have their own different ways in doing so. Look around the comments section and read reviews about the said knife in order for you to determine whether the knife sharpener is effective among users who also bought the same product.


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