Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners 2017

110105_serrated-knifeOne of the first tools created by humanity to simplify daily activities is the knife. Among all the pioneering technologies in ancient times, the knife is the most basic and useful to every individual even until this point of time. It has been a great substitution from all our physical deficiencies that are mostly seen in the animal’s physiological attributes. People are at a loss in comparison to animals in terms of unique bodily features that are essential for survival, they have natural physical defensive characteristics that let them defend and attack which makes them solely relies on their instincts and abilities to avoid dangers and outlive.

Over the span of time, knives have evolved into different kinds for different purposes. These are designs that suit the various aspects of knife usage. In this article, the focus is a kind of knife called a serrated knife.

What is a Serrated Knife?

A serrated knife is a kind of cutting tool that is designed with a notched or tooth-like edge which specializes in cutting foods that have hard or crunchy outer layer and soft inside. Serrated knives are made with a replica design to a saw only that it is meant to cut foods. This tool enhances the efficiency of cutting foods as it preserves its form – compared to soft-edged knives, the probability of applying more force to every stroke is quite high as soft-edged knives are not efficiently compatible to cutting hard outer layers. Tooth-edged blades cut with delicacy because of its precision as the food smoothly slide through it. It works like magic in taking care of mincing grubs as it maintains the tenderness and performs accurate cutting strokes.

How to take care of your knife?

Like, any other tools, knives require efficient maintenance and attention as well as proper storing. Giving your tools proper care could preserve its useful life and enhance performance leading to having long lasting benefits which actually gives justice to the price of the instrument. It is conserved through constant clean up every after use, proper storage, and effective maintenance.

Cleaning – it is important to keep your utensils clean. In fact, everything in the kitchen should be maintained and cleaned since they are all dealing with food. It is suggested to immediately cleanse or sanitize the knife every after use for it won’t be good to your health when the leftovers sticking on the tool is neglected. Further, it is recommended to clean the knife by hand instead of using dishwashers as it could dull the blade. It is also better to avoid prolonged contact with water, some knives are attached to its handles through glues, where the immersion to water could cause for the tool to break, or for the handle to detach.

Storing- After conducting the sanitation of the product, store it in places that are best suited on their preservation. For storing knives, various methods are suggested to maintain the quality and efficiency of the product. Knives should be placed in a knife block – appropriate storage areas should be considered since these tools have flimsy aspects that should be monitored to maintain its usefulness.  It could also be placed on magnetic strips for knives, just make sure it is mounted in a safe area in your kitchen. In addition, if you habitually place it on drawers, avoid placing them on loose – aside from you might hurt yourself when you grab them, the movements could also cause the dullness of the blade. Instead, put it on drawers that have special slots intended for knives.

Sharpening – This is very important for those who want to save and enhance the performance and usability of the equipment – keep constant maintenance. Utilize the tool at its fullest by constantly monitoring and honing the blade of the knife.

Maintenance for some people is considered as the top priority in the preservation of the usability of the tool – sharpening, to be precise. This method actually is the most effective way of conserving the blade. There are lots of techniques to be used to sharpen a serrated knife, may it be through manual refining using ancient practices, or using various advanced and specific sharpeners that can be bought in stores. Serrated knife sharpeners vary according to brands and features. Its main purpose is to provide easy honing and maintenance of serrated knives. Technologies are there to simplify the daily lives of ordinary people which make it recommendable to check and familiarize the different new released technologies to be able to choose the best. To uphold the product to its best performance, the user must be also knowledgeable enough in taking care of the product. So, it is essential to know the exact ways of sustaining the durability and usability of serrated knives.

Methods in Sharpening Serrated Knives

The real question for most users in various households is how to sharpen a serrated knife by yourself. It is always best to handle certain issues like utensil maintenance all by yourself.

Get your Tools Ready – As you plan on sharpening your tools, the first thing that you have to do is get all the proper tools needed. There are varieties of alternatives to choose from. And different products are accompanied by the different instruction of usage. Perhaps before you start, read the instruction along with the packaging as you slowly familiarize yourself with the product.

Find the Correct Angle –Then analyze or study on what angle the taper rod would be from the scallop to bring out the most accurate sharpening position. Serrated knives are commonly differentiated into two kinds, side by side bevel edged and one-sided scalloped.  Regardless of what knife you have, all you have to do is position the rod parallel to the angle of the scallop.

Sharpen the Edges – create short yet consistent strokes against the bevel. Do a few strokes before checking for a burr on the other side of the knife’s surface. This burr would indicate that you have made enough strokes to sharpen the edge.

Proceed to the other scallops – After finishing that one scallop, you just have to repeat the sharpening process until you finish all the gullets. Make sure that you have carefully and thoroughly sharpen each gullet because this activity is quite tiresome and time-consuming, where possibilities of procrastination might occur. Meticulous working is highly suggested.

Include the straight-edge portion – in sharpening a serrated knife, mostly, two tools are used. One is for the sharpening of the bevel edges while the other is for the straight edge part. Always remember to never use the sharpener for scallops to the straight edge fraction of the knife as similar towards the restriction of using the sharpener for a straight edged knife to the serrated.

Remove the Burrs – after you finish sharpening each scallop, remove the metal shavings on the other side of the knife by using the rod itself. Carefully rub the rod against the flat surface of the knife (making sure that enough force is applied), then polish away the burrs.

This method is actually referring to standard serrated knife sharpeners, as technology is quite proliferating on all aspects of life, different alterations, designs, and features have been embedded into ordinary products making it into something unique compared to others. Well, speaking of the variety of options, what are exactly the competitions revolving around serrated knife sharpeners industry.

Best serrated knife sharpener

Several of serrated knife sharpeners have been released in the different parts of the globe – Designs that differs from another in a very subtle way. However, there are those brands that excel most in this industry based on the reviews, votes, and preferences of the customers. Here are some of the few which are dubbed as best serrated knife sharpeners for 2017.

Sharpening rods are either made from metals or ceramics. And most of the latest designs would come with a variety of rod sizes and features.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic – It is a kind of serrated knife sharpener 71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_that features its capability to adapt to even smallest serrations. It is equipped with diamond tapered rods, which are exactly perfect for serrated knives, as well as tungsten carbide that ensure efficient performance, and ceramic sharpening rods which offer a perfectly sharpened and polished edge in just three or four strokes for steel knives.


Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener –it is equipped with 617t6H2bIoL._SL1500_tapered diamond coated rods which are good for different kinds of knives including serrated. It is a versatile product that handles various types of knives using its half-round shape. It also has a hook for storage.


Priority Chef Knife Sharpener – is one of the most versatile designs out ttthere. It is also proven to be very efficient according to testimonies and reviews, as well as the mechanism of how the technology works. Priority chef works in two ways, for coarse sharpening and honing.  The diamond coated wheel will surely give you an output that gives satisfaction to customers as it lives no room for doubt and uncertainty to the manufacturers


DMT FSKF Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener – is one of the best of all the ffffchoices available when it comes to sharpening knives. It is already a well-known brand in the US because of its high efficiency and durability. It also features portability where it is perfect for travel picnics or beaches. Diafold Serrated Knife sharpener is made out of diamond sharpening stones, which is perfect for ceramic kind of knives.

SunrisePro Knife Sharpener – is an original patented US product that 81JcLIIw9DL._SL1500_proves what it is worth. It is proudly an original US made that ensures customers quality and efficient machinery. It has a powerful suction pad which makes it easy to use. It is also equipped with a tungsten carbide, where it could improve the useful life of the product.

With all these technologies, various serrated knife sharpener reviews have immersed to give support and testimonies about their products. Some of them are:


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic – A lot of people have considered the product to be really efficient as it can really sharpen their knives turning it as good as new. However, some have also nit-picked the weight due to it being made from metal, is good but not good enough for those who have inconvenienced by design. Some may have been disappointed by its mass, some also have found its mass to be perfect for being a sharpener, but the one thing that they didn’t like is the lack of versatility.

Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener – the market has found its being light weighted to be very convenient in addition to it being pocket sized. The quality is stated to be satisfying as well although one has stated that the product is not good enough for final touches, or it lacks refinery –but still good for immediate necessity, especially when traveling.

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener – now this is a product with a lot of good reviews. A lot of consumers got satisfied by what this tool could offer, saying it is doing what it said it could do. The descriptions said all that you can experience in using the product. Many people have also appreciated its grip design and sturdy base for it actually made things easier.

DMT FSKF Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener – The description on the reviews in this product is quite superb as they defined it as an excellent say-it-all technology. Diafold is also close in the hearts of men as some of the reviews stated their experiences with their spouses and dads when the writers offer it as gifts. It also has perfect honing skills aside from its sharpening capabilities.

SunrisePro Knife Sharpener – In this product, consumers also ended up recommending on trying this first. They were contented on the efficiency of its output as they describe it being razor sharp.

Maintaining the different, tools, equipment, machinery, or even utensils in different households is significant to everyone’s lives.  It is also important to be capable in maintaining our own usual and common apparatus since; it could also save you financially to do it by yourself rather than passing it to professionals. Of course, we all know that regardless of how perfect or excellent a product when we bought it, if it is not maintained or monitored properly, it will ultimately degrade – Thus, shortening the useful life of the product.

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