Best Sharpening Stone Reviews 2017

sharpening-stonesA knife can only be useful when it is sharp. The last thing you want is a blade that is dull. You are likely to end up with a cutting incident when you have unsharpened knives lying about in your kitchen or when you go out hunting. The constant cutting and use that these blades and knives are used for might make them less efficient along the way. The blades can become dull and damaged.

It is a good thing though that there are ways for you to restore its edges ad get back its sharp state again all you need to do is have the right sharpening tool around to make sure that you can get them honed and sharpened and polished once again. If you are looking for a sharpening stone that you can use for this purpose, you would certainly want to find the best sharpening stone for kitchen knives.

It can be a little hard to make a choice when you have several options to select from in the market it is important that you check out several sharpening stone reviews in order for you to find no less than the best sharpening stone. You want to take a good look at your choice before you do make your decision. The quality of the stone of the knife sharpening block should also be considered so you are sure that you are indeed going for something very effective. Below, we have listed down our top five picks of the most excellent sharpening stones in the market and we are hoping that they will help make it easier for you to settle for an ideal choice there is.


Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

719Edvi+lOL._SL1500_If you are looking for a reliable whetstone that will be your go-to choice for keeping your blades sharp, then Smith’s offering would be a good buy that you would not want to pass. This is a three stone sharpening system that Arkansas stones of medium and fine grit and a synthetic stone that is of the coarse variety that is mounted on a triangle that is made from plastic. The mount has handles that are attached to the end to make sure that one gets to have an easier access on rotating the stones depending on what it is that e would want to whet the blades on. To make it easier to identify the stones, there are easy to read indications on which ones they are as well.

The stone is designed with attached knobs to make sure that the stone rotation is going to be easy. One side of the molded base is designed to have a v-trough. This is to make sure that any oil drippings will be caught. The three stones make this system a really effective tool for keeping your blades sharp and honed at all times.


King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base – #1000 & #6000

31Qk1WY1gnLKnife sharpening has never been made this easy. With the right whetstone, you know that getting that professional and polished sharpness on your blades is going to be easy work. This is exactly what you will get from King’s two sided whetstone.

What you get is a two-sided sharpening stone with 1000 and 6000 grits. The kit includes a stand along with a tool which makes it easier for you to remove any grinder mark off of the blade to make sure that you get an edge that is not only sharp but one that looks very polished as well.

The 1000 grit side of the stone is perfect for sharpening and smoothing your blades. The other side which features a grit of 6000 is the perfect tool for honing your blades with that professional sharpness and polish. The two sides of the stone ensure that what you get afterward is a knife that is definitely just sharper.

What you are getting are authentic Japanese stones for sharpening your blade tools. They are of the highest quality to ensure that every time you let your blades pass through its surface you know that what you are getting in return is a well-maintained and sharpened knife for your day to day use at the price that it is being offered at this is certainly one knife sharpening stone purchase that you would never dare miss.


Kai Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone

61vN7phZSqL._SL1500_If you are looking for an authentic Japanese whetstone to grace your kitchen in ensuring that your blades are kept properly maintained and razor-sharp at the same time, then Kai’s professional sharpening stone is going to be a really sound investment for you.

The store happens to feature the finest medium gray sharpening stone at 1000 grit on one side. A lower grade of 240 grits is featured on the opposite side. This is a sharpening tool that can be useful in maintained ad servicing most types of bladed tools and knives that you have around the house. It can be used to sharpen cleavers, sushi knives, and even fruit knives.

This is the type of sharpening stone that many a professional chef out there would actually recommend as it is most effective at helping one achieve that ultimate bladed knife sharpness. This is even an effective stone to use for maintaining the sharpness of weaponry as in the case of samurai swords and kama among others.

Typical sharpening and maintenance of your knives have not been made easier and more effective. In order to use the stone, it is important to have it soaked in water for five to ten minutes first. Getting it to fully dry may take about a full day. So it may be well to remember this for those people who would be using the stones for the very first time.

The coarse side of 240 grits is effective for those aggressive sharpening needs. This is perfect for getting the edges back on those blades and knives that have become very dull and damaged over time. Meanwhile, the 1000 grit or the fine grit side of the stone is ideal for use after the aggressive sharpening has been carried out to get you that fine and polished sharpness that you want your blades to have.

Maintenance for this blade is quite easy too. all you need to do is just get it hand washed with or without the use of water and it is all set and ready o be stored and then brought out again the next time you need some blade sharpening to be done.


Smith’s SK2 2-Stone Sharpening Kit

71OaOG4BJWL._SL1500_Smith’s offering to the stone sharpening industry, SK2 is a two-tone sharpening kit. This is a sharpening stone which is effective in using as a tool to set the edge on your blade tools and knife blades around the house.

The stone has a side with a medium stone that measures five inches in thickness that is most effective at setting the edges of those bladed tools and knives you have which may have shipped edges and damaged blades along the way. Another stone, the one that measures four inches and is made from Arkansas fine stone is useful at putting that final polished and sharpened edge to your blades. The part of the whetstone where the medium stone is attached to is a molded base made from plastic. It is sturdy with a storage area that is built-in that is located at the bottom of the fine stone side of the tool.

To make sure that you will have an easier time using the stone, there is a bottle of premium solution for honing that is included with the package this most effective at ensuring that the sharpening surfaces are properly cleaned ad protected after you are done with your sharpening tasks.

Thanks to the natural Arkansas stones that are used for this tool, you can expect that the sharpener is only able to remove less metal from the surfaces of your blade. This is to ensure that you will not end eating up the surfaces of your blades while polishing them. It is also effective at ensuring that your blade is going to be back to its razor-sharp angle in no time.

The stone is something that should be easy enough to use even for those how has never had any experience in using one before. It comes with a sharpening angle to make sure that you are guided and taught well on how to get the angling right for a first time user so, you are sure that you will end p with a properly sharpened and well-polished blade every time you are done with the sharpening task.



Whetstone Cutlery Two-Sided Whetstone Stone

71IzmyJjKlL._SL1500_Whetstone Cutlery’s offering to the sharpening stone market is a stone that has two sides for sharpening and polishing. The whetstone is made in such a way where the two different sides are meant to be used for sharpening knife edges to make it easier for you to keep and maintain the blades that you have in your kitchen or in your home in general in their best-sharpened state.

The stone is suitable when to use for sharpening blades either with water or with the use of oil. The stone is characterized by having a softer texture as is most common to see when it comes to Japanese sharpening stones. One of the best advantaged of these softer stones is the fact that they do not end up getting full of detritus after constant use. They do not also become glazed as well after constantly using it for your sharpening needs.

Many people also liked the fact that there is really no need for them to have to use oil every time. The fact that they can be effectively used to sharpen their blades even when they opt to use water makes this a really ideal sharpening tool of choice for those people that would rather avoid having to deal with something greasy whenever they do. Of course, it can still be used to sharpen knives with oil if this is what the user prefers since oil and water are both suitable for this stone.

The side A of this stone is colored a darker green. It has 400 grits and is used to serve for rough grinding. It is the perfect tool for using on those edges that have become roughened and dull and even damaged due to constant use. It is most effective in getting these edges back to their original shape. The B side of the stone which is colored a lighter green as the 1000 grit or the fine side. It is perfect for finishing and is most effective at smoothing and polishing those cutting edges for achieving a razor sharp state.

When using the stone, the worn materials from the whetstone along with the water from some kind of slurry that will help sharpen the blade. Along with the stone, this slurry-like substance is most effective at successfully getting the blades polished as you work on it.

A lot of people that have tried out this stone all find that it is a very good quality sharpening stone to have around the house with it being effective at not only sharpening your blades but even reshaping the ones that have been damaged from overuse, you know that there is no way you will have unpolished and dull blades in your kitchen.



It is important to remember that knives do end up going dull over time. Regardless of how you have opted to purchase the most expensive blades out there, you just cannot expect them to remain in their best cutting shape for all time. The constant use that they are subjected to is bound to take its toll on their blades.

This is not a problem as long as you have a tool that you can use to resharpen the blades once again. You do need to fond a reliable whetting stone for this purpose. With the market having a lot to offer buyers should really take the time to get to know their choices. Quality stones effective wetting function, ease of use, and price are just among the things that you need to closely look into if you are to make your decision

We are hoping that the reviews we have provided above will help make it easier for you to decide which among these steins will suit your preferences very well.

Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners 2017

110105_serrated-knifeOne of the first tools created by humanity to simplify daily activities is the knife. Among all the pioneering technologies in ancient times, the knife is the most basic and useful to every individual even until this point of time. It has been a great substitution from all our physical deficiencies that are mostly seen in the animal’s physiological attributes. People are at a loss in comparison to animals in terms of unique bodily features that are essential for survival, they have natural physical defensive characteristics that let them defend and attack which makes them solely relies on their instincts and abilities to avoid dangers and outlive.

Over the span of time, knives have evolved into different kinds for different purposes. These are designs that suit the various aspects of knife usage. In this article, the focus is a kind of knife called a serrated knife.

What is a Serrated Knife?

A serrated knife is a kind of cutting tool that is designed with a notched or tooth-like edge which specializes in cutting foods that have hard or crunchy outer layer and soft inside. Serrated knives are made with a replica design to a saw only that it is meant to cut foods. This tool enhances the efficiency of cutting foods as it preserves its form – compared to soft-edged knives, the probability of applying more force to every stroke is quite high as soft-edged knives are not efficiently compatible to cutting hard outer layers. Tooth-edged blades cut with delicacy because of its precision as the food smoothly slide through it. It works like magic in taking care of mincing grubs as it maintains the tenderness and performs accurate cutting strokes.

How to take care of your knife?

Like, any other tools, knives require efficient maintenance and attention as well as proper storing. Giving your tools proper care could preserve its useful life and enhance performance leading to having long lasting benefits which actually gives justice to the price of the instrument. It is conserved through constant clean up every after use, proper storage, and effective maintenance.

Cleaning – it is important to keep your utensils clean. In fact, everything in the kitchen should be maintained and cleaned since they are all dealing with food. It is suggested to immediately cleanse or sanitize the knife every after use for it won’t be good to your health when the leftovers sticking on the tool is neglected. Further, it is recommended to clean the knife by hand instead of using dishwashers as it could dull the blade. It is also better to avoid prolonged contact with water, some knives are attached to its handles through glues, where the immersion to water could cause for the tool to break, or for the handle to detach.

Storing- After conducting the sanitation of the product, store it in places that are best suited on their preservation. For storing knives, various methods are suggested to maintain the quality and efficiency of the product. Knives should be placed in a knife block – appropriate storage areas should be considered since these tools have flimsy aspects that should be monitored to maintain its usefulness.  It could also be placed on magnetic strips for knives, just make sure it is mounted in a safe area in your kitchen. In addition, if you habitually place it on drawers, avoid placing them on loose – aside from you might hurt yourself when you grab them, the movements could also cause the dullness of the blade. Instead, put it on drawers that have special slots intended for knives.

Sharpening – This is very important for those who want to save and enhance the performance and usability of the equipment – keep constant maintenance. Utilize the tool at its fullest by constantly monitoring and honing the blade of the knife.

Maintenance for some people is considered as the top priority in the preservation of the usability of the tool – sharpening, to be precise. This method actually is the most effective way of conserving the blade. There are lots of techniques to be used to sharpen a serrated knife, may it be through manual refining using ancient practices, or using various advanced and specific sharpeners that can be bought in stores. Serrated knife sharpeners vary according to brands and features. Its main purpose is to provide easy honing and maintenance of serrated knives. Technologies are there to simplify the daily lives of ordinary people which make it recommendable to check and familiarize the different new released technologies to be able to choose the best. To uphold the product to its best performance, the user must be also knowledgeable enough in taking care of the product. So, it is essential to know the exact ways of sustaining the durability and usability of serrated knives.

Methods in Sharpening Serrated Knives

The real question for most users in various households is how to sharpen a serrated knife by yourself. It is always best to handle certain issues like utensil maintenance all by yourself.

Get your Tools Ready – As you plan on sharpening your tools, the first thing that you have to do is get all the proper tools needed. There are varieties of alternatives to choose from. And different products are accompanied by the different instruction of usage. Perhaps before you start, read the instruction along with the packaging as you slowly familiarize yourself with the product.

Find the Correct Angle –Then analyze or study on what angle the taper rod would be from the scallop to bring out the most accurate sharpening position. Serrated knives are commonly differentiated into two kinds, side by side bevel edged and one-sided scalloped.  Regardless of what knife you have, all you have to do is position the rod parallel to the angle of the scallop.

Sharpen the Edges – create short yet consistent strokes against the bevel. Do a few strokes before checking for a burr on the other side of the knife’s surface. This burr would indicate that you have made enough strokes to sharpen the edge.

Proceed to the other scallops – After finishing that one scallop, you just have to repeat the sharpening process until you finish all the gullets. Make sure that you have carefully and thoroughly sharpen each gullet because this activity is quite tiresome and time-consuming, where possibilities of procrastination might occur. Meticulous working is highly suggested.

Include the straight-edge portion – in sharpening a serrated knife, mostly, two tools are used. One is for the sharpening of the bevel edges while the other is for the straight edge part. Always remember to never use the sharpener for scallops to the straight edge fraction of the knife as similar towards the restriction of using the sharpener for a straight edged knife to the serrated.

Remove the Burrs – after you finish sharpening each scallop, remove the metal shavings on the other side of the knife by using the rod itself. Carefully rub the rod against the flat surface of the knife (making sure that enough force is applied), then polish away the burrs.

This method is actually referring to standard serrated knife sharpeners, as technology is quite proliferating on all aspects of life, different alterations, designs, and features have been embedded into ordinary products making it into something unique compared to others. Well, speaking of the variety of options, what are exactly the competitions revolving around serrated knife sharpeners industry.

Best serrated knife sharpener

Several of serrated knife sharpeners have been released in the different parts of the globe – Designs that differs from another in a very subtle way. However, there are those brands that excel most in this industry based on the reviews, votes, and preferences of the customers. Here are some of the few which are dubbed as best serrated knife sharpeners for 2017.

Sharpening rods are either made from metals or ceramics. And most of the latest designs would come with a variety of rod sizes and features.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic – It is a kind of serrated knife sharpener 71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_that features its capability to adapt to even smallest serrations. It is equipped with diamond tapered rods, which are exactly perfect for serrated knives, as well as tungsten carbide that ensure efficient performance, and ceramic sharpening rods which offer a perfectly sharpened and polished edge in just three or four strokes for steel knives.


Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener –it is equipped with 617t6H2bIoL._SL1500_tapered diamond coated rods which are good for different kinds of knives including serrated. It is a versatile product that handles various types of knives using its half-round shape. It also has a hook for storage.


Priority Chef Knife Sharpener – is one of the most versatile designs out ttthere. It is also proven to be very efficient according to testimonies and reviews, as well as the mechanism of how the technology works. Priority chef works in two ways, for coarse sharpening and honing.  The diamond coated wheel will surely give you an output that gives satisfaction to customers as it lives no room for doubt and uncertainty to the manufacturers


DMT FSKF Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener – is one of the best of all the ffffchoices available when it comes to sharpening knives. It is already a well-known brand in the US because of its high efficiency and durability. It also features portability where it is perfect for travel picnics or beaches. Diafold Serrated Knife sharpener is made out of diamond sharpening stones, which is perfect for ceramic kind of knives.

SunrisePro Knife Sharpener – is an original patented US product that 81JcLIIw9DL._SL1500_proves what it is worth. It is proudly an original US made that ensures customers quality and efficient machinery. It has a powerful suction pad which makes it easy to use. It is also equipped with a tungsten carbide, where it could improve the useful life of the product.

With all these technologies, various serrated knife sharpener reviews have immersed to give support and testimonies about their products. Some of them are:


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic – A lot of people have considered the product to be really efficient as it can really sharpen their knives turning it as good as new. However, some have also nit-picked the weight due to it being made from metal, is good but not good enough for those who have inconvenienced by design. Some may have been disappointed by its mass, some also have found its mass to be perfect for being a sharpener, but the one thing that they didn’t like is the lack of versatility.

Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener – the market has found its being light weighted to be very convenient in addition to it being pocket sized. The quality is stated to be satisfying as well although one has stated that the product is not good enough for final touches, or it lacks refinery –but still good for immediate necessity, especially when traveling.

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener – now this is a product with a lot of good reviews. A lot of consumers got satisfied by what this tool could offer, saying it is doing what it said it could do. The descriptions said all that you can experience in using the product. Many people have also appreciated its grip design and sturdy base for it actually made things easier.

DMT FSKF Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener – The description on the reviews in this product is quite superb as they defined it as an excellent say-it-all technology. Diafold is also close in the hearts of men as some of the reviews stated their experiences with their spouses and dads when the writers offer it as gifts. It also has perfect honing skills aside from its sharpening capabilities.

SunrisePro Knife Sharpener – In this product, consumers also ended up recommending on trying this first. They were contented on the efficiency of its output as they describe it being razor sharp.

Maintaining the different, tools, equipment, machinery, or even utensils in different households is significant to everyone’s lives.  It is also important to be capable in maintaining our own usual and common apparatus since; it could also save you financially to do it by yourself rather than passing it to professionals. Of course, we all know that regardless of how perfect or excellent a product when we bought it, if it is not maintained or monitored properly, it will ultimately degrade – Thus, shortening the useful life of the product.

Best Professional Knife Sharpeners 2017

cccIt cannot be denied that Knife Sharpeners are also one of the most crucial items that can be useful in the kitchen. Since this item was discovered and launched, more and more people are opting to use Knife Sharpener because it could save both of their time and money. Also, if you want to acquire professional outputs by yourself, might as well use a knife sharpener. There is a wide variety of knife sharpeners sold worldwide with different features, weight, advantages, and disadvantages. If you tend to look for one, here are the best professional knife sharpeners of 2017 that you should take into consideration:

First is the 9 pound Electric Knife Sharpener. If you want to sharpen your fillet knife, hunting Electric-Knife-Sharpener-600x399knife or kitchen knife, this professional knife sharpener is perfect for you. In order to acquire a professional output in the comfort of your home, this knife sharpener eventually uses 3 stage sharpening system that is very easy to learn and use. This commercial knife sharpener is produced in China that can be shipped across the world–wherever you are. If you are keen about sharpening your sports knife and a kitchen knife, this professional kitchen sharpener is ideal for you. In order to provide an effective sharpening angle, the sharpener uses interchangeable blades and also to avoid guess sharpening. You don’t need to worry about anything because this blade works effectively in supporting the knife and hold it in a way that would provide the most accurate sharpening angle. For troubleshooting steps, read and comprehend the user manual thoroughly in order for you to be guided. This is one of the best professional knife sharpeners ever manufactured that uses plastic as primary fabric type and platinum as the finishing type. This professional knife sharpener would not require you to install batteries in order to function and when you decided to buy this, you have approximately 1-year limited warranty. The said knife sharpener was launched last 2003 on May 10. On how to sharpen a chef’s knife, an electric knife sharpener is also perfect for you.

The electric knife sharpener gained positive feedbacks and reviews from the customers who bought the product. One of them who wrote a testimony on using an electric knife sharpener is Matt Simerson who had been using whetstones in sharpening his knives for the past 20 years. He eventually saw and bought an electric knife sharpener and after reviewing and comprehending the user manual thoroughly, he started using the electric knife sharpener, using a disposable knife as his first try for his what he calls “metal munching” using a very dull knife. When it worked, he described the output as the knife with edge uniform in full length that he rarely achieves while using his whetstones. Seeing the result, he eventually and confidently tried his 15 years old Henckel chef’s knife and achieved the same positive result. Another advantage is that he only spent a couple of minutes sharpening the knife that saved much of his time.


Also, one of the best commercial knife sharpeners is the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-sharpening station that had been recently launched in 41GJW56F58Lthe sharpening technology as today’s newest breakthrough. This commercial knife sharpener has all the sharpening options in just a single appliance that you can use. It also provides professional outputs and is compatible with any brand or type of the knife that you want to sharpen. It also comes with three stage system that results in “better than factory” outputs. Stage one is the 100% diamond abrasive will began to sharpen the edges of your knife. Next is the stage two that uses a super-hardened miniature steel that produces a very sharp edge with its ultra-sharp microscopic teeth and is famous for its superior edge “bite”. The last is the stage three that showcase its malleable stropping disk that will polish the sharpened edges for it to be ready for any cutting task that you might use. This knife sharpener is user-friendly as it is installed with elastomeric angles that would help in guiding to ensure that the appliance is guaranteed fool-proof.

This commercial knife sharpener is ideal for cooks and chefs from across the world together with its three-stage sharpening system. One of the main advantages also of using this knife sharpener is that the manufacturer is one of the world’s most advanced steeling process so that you can guarantee that it would produce quality outputs with its advanced and upgraded features. Built-in precision angle also guides all throughout. The three stages are operated all the while terminating any redundant work for the user. Also, if you are annoyed with the cluttering sounds of poor quality sharpening gadget then worry no more as this knife sharpener eliminates any unpleasant noise as you work as you look for the perfect angle of your preferred edge for any for any particular cutting task that you may want. In simply pushing the on and off button, you can now start sharpening your chef knives, sports knives, kitchen knives and any other kind and type of knife that you have. The knife sharpener is assembled in the USA with approximately 3 years limited warranty if you opt to buy the product and worry no more because it is already approved by UL.

To prove the quality of the knife sharpener, most of their customers had posted their own review and testimonials about the said product. One of them is an executive chef who dedicated his life in cooking and had spent his past 25 years in the kitchen. According to him, after reading and comprehending the manual thoroughly, he realized that the knife sharpener is very easy to use. Using his main kitchen knife, a 10-inch Wusthof, he tried sharpening it using the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening station, he developed a trick and that is not to over-use the first stage if you don’t want to peel too much metal with your knife. It was about a month ago when he sharpened his knife but the edges are still very sharp and effective. One of his advice is to run through the stage 2 every now and then if you want to maintain the sharpness of your knife.

Other customers commented and described the knife sharpener as it works effectively as to how it was advertised. There are some who find it great because there is no required skill for using such product and it easily produces a sharp edge in no time. Furthermore, you can customize the edge precisely and accurately. Even though most of them are not cooks, they found the knife sharpener one of ht best commercial knife sharpener that was ever launched in the market.


The last one is the Brod& Taylor knife sharpener. A two-pounds 81dz4ZG5E5L._SL1500_sharpening gadget that is specifically designed to suit any type of knives that you might want to sharpen. It also has the capability of handling serrated and Japanese style knives. In just a couple of seconds, your rugged and dull knife can be fixed back into its original “V” shape. The user would be confident using this knife sharpener that he can sharpen his high-quality Damascus blades without the fear of damaging the edges with a poor quality knife sharpener. Brod& Taylor knife sharpener comes with a precision ground ultra-hard Larbide sharpeners on patented spring-action bars. It comes with over 3 different methods to sharpen your knife. In order to achieve that perfect “V” shape of your edge, you need to simply adjust the position of your hand to do so. Daily sharpening will maintain the sharpness of your blade and will eventually extend its service life. If you want sharper blades, you can polish it to a micro bevel. As for the serrated knives, you simply just have the angle the handle of the knife to its side.

Some of the customers even claimed that the knife sharpeners worked as expected. It is very easy to use and its capability to work in a serrated knife alone is worth it. Most of them are glad of its performance mainly because it works in every type of knife they have in their houses and it works even in cheap knives that are only intended for opening packages so it’s very useful. For those who love gourmet cooking, this knife sharpener is perfect too in order to maintain the sharpness of the knife by wiping it every now and then. You can just put it on your countertop and restore your dull and poor knives back to life using this knife sharpener.

Knowing how to sharpen your own knife using a knife sharpener is a crucial skill required in the kitchen. It also helps you in making your work easier and faster. By using a sharp knife, you are most likely to cut the food with much less force than using a dull knife. Less force means less damage to the food as you tend to slice, cut and chop it. Delicate ingredients such as herbs and others will be cut finely using your restored sharp knife. Also, when using a sharp knife, you can predict the blades unlike using a dull knife where the chances of cutting yourself are relatively high. Sharp knives are quick and easy to use, it would eventually save both your time and money and makes the work in the kitchen more enjoyable using this sharpening gadget. Investing in a knife sharpener is great rather than wasting your money over a whole set of expensive but dull knives sitting on your countertop. There is a wide variety of knife sharpener that you can choose from including a commercial knife sharpener, industrial knife sharpener, and an electric knife sharpener. Each of them has a unique feature that contributes a lot into sharpening your knife and restoring its sharp edge. You just have to pick the one with most useful options and the knife sharpener that you think would suit your style in the kitchen. If you are still having doubts about it, read professional knife sharpeners review and commercial knife sharpeners reviews online to see how effective it is for other people. See how it works for them and as much as possible, choose the knife sharpener that has gathered more positive feedbacks from its past clients than negative comments. This would help you in ensuring that the knife sharpener is rather good and quite a worthy investment. With the busy and more revolutionary way of how the kitchen works today, it cannot be denied that a knife sharpener is a must in every cook’s essential tools. The traditional sharpening of the knife using stones had passed and knife sharpeners had been introduced in the market, providing more features, benefits, and advantages that you can very well use in the kitchen.

Most of the knife sharpeners nowadays use up-to-date technologies in order to provide a wide variety of options that you can choose from in order to sharpen and hone your knife efficiently. Whatever your knife is–sports knife, kitchen knife, serrated knife, chef knife and much more. There would be always a knife sharpener that is suited to do the job well done. When you are going to look for a knife sharpener, always consider the material used to produce in order to ensure the durability of the appliance. Take a look also for the additional and more convenient features that you might find very useful because knife sharpeners nowadays come with different features and options to use in order to restore the sharpness of the of your knife. Basically, they all have the same goal and that is to satisfy their customers but they have their own different ways in doing so. Look around the comments section and read reviews about the said knife in order for you to determine whether the knife sharpener is effective among users who also bought the same product.


Best Portable Knife Sharpeners 2017

serrated-knife-sharpener-2Though the years, knives have taken on a crucial role when it comes to the assortment of purposes that they are used for. Many people have been using these blades in their kitchen. Some have used the in various other activities where cutting and slicing are part of the routine that they have to perform. When it comes to using these blades, though, it is very important that they are sharp. Accidents and slip ups tend to be prevented when you are using a very sharp blade.

But it is also a fact that blades do not stay sharp forever. The constant cutting into surfaces that they are exposed to causes them to become dull over time. Their effectiveness can be diminished when they are dull. Users can end up getting into accidents and even getting hurt when using a knife that is not in its sharp state. A dull blade requires more effort and pressure to slice through things. So, slip-ups and accidents become more possible.

So, it is a good thing that you will have a tool which you can use to ensure that you get your blades sharpened the moment that you will find that they are starting to lose their sharp touch. There are a number of sharpening systems for knives and blades that you can find in the market, but you will certainly want to find only the best handheld knife sharpener there is. You will want to invest money on something that you know is reliable and one that is expected to pit for a very long time too.

Of course, there are a number of things that you need to consider before you will decide which one is the best portable knife sharpener. You will certainly want to gather more information about the choices that the market has to offer so you can trust that you will end up with something that will not disappoint. It doesn’t hurt to read handheld knife sharpener reviews too to get a better idea of the features that these products have.

When you read portable knife sharpener reviews, it is important to check what it says about the price of the sharpener as well as its features. You would not want to just go ahead and focus on the cheapest that you can find. But you need to be sure that will get something that is really worth the money that you will be spending. The speed in which these sharpeners can get your edges sharpened and the ease in which they can be used should be considered too.

With the market strewn with so many choices for you to select from, we have decided to gather our top picks of portable sharpeners to help make it easier for you to decide which one will be most suitable to your blade sharpening better.


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

716hZnNeR+L._SL1500_Smith’s offering for the portable sharpener market is a diamond rod that is tapered for sharpening gut hooks and serrated blades. The unit features blades that are made from carbide making it a very effective tool to use if you want to get the edges set quickly. For finishing the sharpener has a ceramic sot. To ensure that you are going to have guaranteed satisfactory results, the sharpening tool has sharpening angles that are already preset. The unit has carbide blades that are not only reversible but replaceable as well. The same goes true with the ceramic stones. The unit also has a lanyard hole.

What you are getting is a unit that is slim and is sleek as well. This is a very functional portable sharpener that would be ideal for people who would need to have a handy tool that they can use to keep their blade sharp when they are in the great outdoors. This is an ideal choice for hikers, backpackers, fishermen, as well as hunters that need to be sure that the blades that they are carrying around with them as they roam have very sharp edges.

The rod for this unit is tapered, rounded, and folded out. It is coated with a diamond which makes it a perfect tool when it comes to sharpening serrated blades as well as those with standard edges. Thanks to the preset blades that it is equipped with which are made from carbide, restoring a blade with a dull edge is going to be easy. If you want to get that razor-sharp finish, you can maximize the presence of the ceramic stones which are specially shaped to achieve such an effect.

This sharpener measures about an inch wide and 3.5 inches long with a weight of just an ounce. To make carrying easier, the unit has a lanyard hole which is integrated into the sharpener making sure that it stays true to being portable. It is important to remember though that the sharpener should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and then using a towel to dry. It should not be rinsed with water.

This is a sharpener that is small in size. The cutters that are made from carbide are actually very effective at getting the metals removed. Using the sharpener is going to be easy too and one does not have to use a lot of special techniques to get the job done. It should be noted though that the unit seems to have a very low contact with the knife’s blade. This means that it might not be very stable if you are going to apply much pressure when sharpening. Still, this is one handy tool that you can carry around with you if what you need is a quick sharpening of a pocket or a camping knife.

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Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_If you are going to look for a survival knife, might as well look for something that will be extremely portable and will be cheap as well while at the same time, ensuring that it is going to function well where your sharpening needs are concerned. You are in luck though as this is exactly what you can expect to get from Lansky’s PS-MED01 BladeMedic.

The sharpener only registers a weight of 4 ounces. So, you know that getting it into your favorite jacket whenever you go hunting is definitely going to be very easy. Taking it off to target your prey is going to be an easy task as well. If you are concerned about finding a blade sharpener that will be most handy when you are going out for your hunting excursions, then this is one blade sharpener that you would certainly not want to miss out on.

The sharpener features a four-honing system. There are the tungsten carbide and the ceramic angle blades which mean that this is a sharpener that can be used to get those different types of blades that you have duly sharpened. The ceramic blade is designed to give you that polished finish that you would want on your blade. This can be achieved in just three or four strokes only. Meanwhile, the blades made from tungsten carbide will help get the bolder stored to its old sharp look.

This sharpener by Lansky has a rod that is tapered and is made out of diamond. This means that it can be expected to offer an easy and quick reconditioning of your blades that have turned dull. This is a very important factor when selecting a portable sharpener when you go hunting as you need to act fast when you have to target your prey as you draw near.

If you are looking for a first responder when it comes to field repairs to your beloved and handy blades, this is certainly one sharpener that you would never dare pass on. You have a tool that can be expected to sharpen and engage most of those scallops that have serrated edges and it can still be used to fine-tune any fine-edged blade as well.

It is important to note that Lansky has a metal body. So, it is important that one will take some caution when putting pressure on it. Also, the fact that it is a little heavy might mean that it would be better to have it placed inside the pack rather than inside the jacket. It has a bigger size as well and will likely weigh you down if you will carry it around on your clothes.


Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

71BDVGz1tmL._SL1387_Another handy portable sharpener that you would want to have around is from Smith’s. It’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener is equipped with blades made from tungsten carbide that has preset angles. This is to ensure that using the blade would result in getting the perfect edge all the time. The carbide does not require a lot of work it gets your knife sharp again two. Just three or four strokes along the carbide blade would mean that you blade is going to be good as new again.

The sharpener also features two rods that are made from ceramic. Like the carbide tungsten one, it has preset angels too to ensure accuracy when getting your blades sharpened. This would make an excellent finish for those knives that have already been sharpened as it helps add the necessary polish to the sharpened blade. This is ideal for use on various types of knives, but more so on those fillet blades.

One of the first things that people will notice with this blade sharpener is the fact that it is lightweight, portable and compact. It is easy to use too and is designed for easy pull-through when using it during trips outdoors. It also comes with a rubber foot that is designed to be non-slip to ensure that it is going to be very safe for use. It will be very easy to carry around too thanks to its lanyard hole.

To use this sharpener, one must draw the knife across the blades that are made from tungsten carbide. They are labeled coarse. This is important in removing a small amount of the material from the surface of the blade to reshape it towards a sharp from. This would be ideal for dull blades that have a lot of knicks on it as this can help get rid of them.

Afterward, the blade that is being sharpened needs to be drawn across the blades that are made from ceramic. This is to refine ad to soften the sharp surfaces. This is also to ensure that the burrs will be prevented from resurfacing on the blade. This is a good technique to ensure that what you are getting is a surface that is razor-sharp.

When using the sharpener, it is important to note that though it can sharpen the edges it should not be expected that the surface is going to be flawless as it’s not going to be, one cannot expect the finish to professional as well. But it is indeed a very handy tool to use if you are going to need to sharpen blades that are straight and are thicker such as the ones that are on duty and pocket knives. It is one sharpener that you can easily carry around with all the gear that you bring along when you hike or camp and then give your blade a few strokes and it is back to sharp cutting condition again. Thus, making it a really handy tool to have with you if you love being in the outdoors.



With the information that we have provided above, we are hoping that you can take a look at all these knife sharpeners and determine which one you think is going to work best for you and for your sharpening needs. In most cases, it would be a matter of preference and how much you would want to spend for one.

With so many choices to select from, it makes sense that you take the necessary steps to get to know each of these choices and then compare them to how you are going to use the sharpener along the way and the kind of blade that you have. Then, narrowing your choices down is going to be a lot easier for you to do.


Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners 2017

uuIf you like the ideas of spending a lot of your free time outdoors and enjoying such activities that require you to be out in the open, you would certainly want to have the right gears and the right tools that you can use whenever the situation calls for it. With knives and blades expected to be a huge part of your camping necessity, you will need to have a tool that you can use to keep your blades sharp and ready to be used for cutting as well.

Certainly, you will want to look for the best pocket knife sharpener. Since you will want to use it with your outdoor trips, it has to be lightweight and it should be aptly sized as well. You would certainly want to avoid carrying around one of those huge and bulky sharpeners. It would help to check out some pocket knife sharpener reviews too. Aside from learning how to sharpen a pocket knife, this would be a good time for you to take a look at the way these sharpeners are designed. Thus, allowing you to select the ones that will successfully meet your knife sharpening needs.

Below, we have listed down our tops three picks of pocket sharpeners in the market today. We are hoping that the details we are going to provide you with will help make it easier for you to make an informed and educated decision when making your purchase later.


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

716hZnNeR+L._SL1500_If you are looking for a pocket knife sharpening tool and a very handy one at that, this offering from smith may be well worth the purchase. It is seeking and it is slim, this is a knife sharpener that would be ideal for backpackers, hunters, hikers, and even fishermen would want to have around them whenever they are out and about. This is because it would be a very useful tool to have handy whenever they need to ensure that their blades are kept in their sharpest state while they are roaming around.

The rid for this particular sharpener is tapered out and folded out. it is coated with diamond substance as well to ensure that  it is going to be most reliable in keeping those sharpening jobs as efficiently and effectively done every time. It is a very handy tool when you need to get regular bladed knives and event those serrated ones taken care of.

The unit has carbide blades that have angles which are pre-set. This is a good feature especially since it provides the users with such ease when positioning their knives on the sharpening tool whenever they use it. The angles are pre-set so one does not have a hard time figuring out how to position and angle their blades in an ideal manner to have its blade restored to its sharp and cutting edge glory once again.

After getting your damaged and dull blades sharpened with the use of the blades made of carbide, you can have them honed with the use of the fine blades on the sharpener. This is a really effective way of getting that polished honed finish for your sharp knives. If you already have sharp blades that you just want to hone and maintain better, the fine side of the sharpener is one very handy tool to consider using. Both the ceramic and the carbide stones are reversible. They are replaceable as well which is very handy to ensure that you get the tool used for that extra sharpening lifespan.

The tool ahs a measurement of three and a half inches long and it is an inch wide as well. It is actually very lightweight, with only an ounce on the weighing scale. This is a very handy tool that you would certainly want to always be handy and easy to reach whenever you are outdoors carrying it around is very easy to thanks to the lanyard hole in its design. Now you are sure that you will not have to constantly worry that you might accidentally lose it while you are in one of your excursions.


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_If you are looking for a pocket knife, you wound certainly want one that can be your go-to tool for sharpening needs that you might have when you are out in the open. This is the reasons why you want to have a pocket knife in the first place. You need something that will make it possible for you to fix whatever dull blade or damaged knife you are carrying around so it is going to be useful and usable once again.

It is a good thing that this is exactly what you will get from Lansky’s offering. With its BladeMedic, expect that you have a tool that can resemble having a compare set of a knife sharpening kit ready for you to use whenever and wherever you are. This is a tool that is designed to tackle not only regular blades but serrated ones as well. You can even use it for honing and sharpening those gut hooks, those fishing knives, and those hunting blades as well. If you are looking for versatility, this is certainly one choice would never want to dare miss out on.

The unit has a tapered rod that is honed with diamond, it’s designed to ensure that maintenance and reconditioning of your dull blades and your damaged edges will be fast, efficient, and effective. Restoring your blade will be easy thanks to the blades that are made from carbide tungsten. This coarse side of the sharpener is expected to get your dull blades sharpened in just a matter of three strokes to four strokes.

The unit happens to have a ceramic blade along with a toll for serrated sharpening as well. The ceramic blades are designed for fine sharpening and honing. These roads are most reliable in getting you that finished edge for a better-polished blade in just four strokes or even less. Then, if you have a lot of serrated knives that have lost their bite when they are used to cut at home, you can use the serrated part of the sharpener to accomplish the best results.

A lot of people have actually observed the fact that this is one unit that seems to work as comparably well to those large stones that are used for sharpening purposes. It is versatile due to its ability to tackle and hone various types of blades- quite a handy feature if you want to get something that will have several uses and will not be limited to certain blades and knives alone.

It is very easy to use. Many first-timers in the sharpening field tend to have problems with how they are supposed to figure out the process involved in getting their dull knives sharp again. Not with this particular tool, though, the features are very useful, easy to understand, and pretty straightforward as well. You do not need to have to spend a long time learning the ropes as the instructions are quite easy you can easily pull off getting your dull blade sharpened right even at your first attempt.

Since you are going to expect to use it a lot on the outdoors, you will love the fact that it is designed for exactly such a purpose. It is small and compact. It is lightweight as well, which is always considered a positive especially since you would want to minimize the gears that you will have to be carrying along with you if you are to get some outside excursions done.



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Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

71BDVGz1tmL._SL1387_What you are getting from this pocket knife sharpener that Smith has to  offer is a tool with two blades of carbide tungsten that are designed to make it possible for the user to tackle those dull blades and even those with damaged edges to allow them to be back to their sharp and functional state again. If you have blades that have lost their sharpness and are now being less reliable cutting tools, you have found a tool that can easily get them back to their functional state once again.

Many users will be delighted over the fact that this is a unit that is designed with angels that have already been pre-set. This is always important especially for those non-seasoned users of these kinds of tools. Every knife user how has tried sharpening and honing a blade though these methods before should know how important it is that they are able to get the knives honed in the right angle. This can be tough to do if you have no previous experiences now, you do to have to second-guess the angling and positioning of the blade. This tool is designed with the angles present ahead of time.

The unit has the carbide tungsten blades that are very effective towards ensuring that you will be able to restore those very dull blades most effectively. This is the coarse side of the sharpener there is the fine side too, which is made from ceramic blades. This particular side has preset angles as well. This is usually very effective at ensuring that one gets to have the blades positioned ideally on the sharpener to get the best possible sharp results. This is a very handy tool that can be used in various blade types, and most effectively used for those fillet knives that you use around the house or when you are doing some activities outdoors.

Users of these sharpeners will find it very reliable and easy to use due to the fact that they are easy to use and getting the right sharpness actually takes a little time to accomplish. Restoring the edges of knives that have gone dull will only actually take a matter of seconds, so, you will have a ready to use the knife again without having to wait for a very long time. The rods that are made from ceramics which are crossed are designed to make sure that you will have the right finishing angle for the blades that you are honing and sharpening. This is a useful tool that you can use too when it comes to getting some quick touchups of those knives that you own that are still very sharp.

When it comes to pocket knife sharpeners, it is always going to help that you go for those that are very easy to use, which is exactly what you will get from this specific tool. It is easy to figure out even by those people that have actually had not the chance of actually using a sharpener before. This is also a sharpening tool that is designed to be pull-through. So, getting those blades sharpened should not be that hard to do.

There is also the fact that you have a tool that is designed to be compact and lightweight, these are two features that you would certainly want to have when getting a pocket sharpener. This means that you will not have a hard time getting it carried around with you whenever you are enjoying some outdoor excursions.

The tool is very safe to use as well. Slipping is one of the greatest concerns that user of these tools tend to have whenever they will use them for sharpening their blades. Not with this one, though, it is designed with feet that are made from rubber this adds more safety and stability to the sharpener whenever one is using it in maintaining those blades. It is also one tool that can be easily used on various types of standard edge blades especially those fillet type knives.

Also, to make carrying it around easier, there is a lanyard hole on the tool too. So, putting it around your neck or in your pocket is going to be easier to do.



We are hoping that the details we have provided above are going to help make it easier for you to decide which sharpeners for pocket knives will be most useful for you. Certainly, you want to take a closer look not only at the way these units will function, but you will want to examine you need for these devices as well. This should help make it a lot easier for you to determine which one will be ideal for your regular sharpening needs. Thus, allowing you to choose the one that will give you the most value for your money.

Best Manual Knife Sharpeners 2017

imagesIf you love outdoor activities, you will certainly need to have a handy cutting tool brought along with you in your excursions. But you have to understand too that despite ho you started the trip with a very sharp knife, using it to get some cutting done along the way will likely result in it losing its sharpness. You have to remember that you need a tool that you can use to get the blades sharpened again. Having a manual sharpener for your knives would be a really practical tool to carry with you. You just have to see to it that the best manual knife sharpener is what you are getting.

It can be tough to make a choice though when you have so many options available out there. To make sure you will find one that is a truly ideal for you, you need to get your choices narrowed down. You will need to find out what are the things that you find essential as far as choosing a sharpener that will fit your needs well. It wouldn’t hurt to check out manual knife sharpener reviews to get a better idea of what the most popular names in the market have to offer. Below are some of or picks for manual blade sharpeners you will certainly want to check out.


KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener, Black

61MK+jk5UwL._SL1444_KitchenIQ is offering a manual sharpener that is portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. The maker has designed the sharpener to be usable both on the deg of any kitchen countertop or on flat surfaces as well. The unit has preset angles that are made from carbide tungsten as well as ceramic rods. Presetting the angles means that you will not have to worry about doing the angles right when you sharpen your blades in the tool since they have been preset for you.

The carbide blade or the coarse blade of the sharpener is geared towards ensuring that you will quickly be able to set your blade. The fine blade or the ceramic part of the sharpener is designed to complete the honing of the blade’s edges. To ensure that you will have steadiness and comfort when sharpening, the tool is equipped with a rubber handle with soft grip along with rubber feet that are non-slip. The bottom has the V-grip which ensures that there is going to be added comfort and stability, especially when using the tool on the edge of a table or your countertop.

The sharpener is actually small in size. While this may be a pint-sized tool, it is certainly one workhorse that can be relied on in the kitchen. It is one handy tool that you can really rely on if you need to get your favorite knife sharpened up. If you need a tool that you can depend on to get your knives maintained daily, then this is one tool that you would certainly want to have around.

The best thing about this sharpener is the fact that it is going to have those dull and damaged knives sharpened in just a manner of a few pulls. The coarse slot will be the perfect side of the sharpener that will be able to help accomplish this. Then, you can finish it off with the fine slot.

Sharpening using this tool has been made even more flexible too. The sharpener has the edge grip feature which means that it has a bottom that has a design that lets the sharpener rest along the edge of the table or the countertop. This is a handy feature especially when you are sharpening knives that are longer and larger as this prevents the tip of the knives from going straight into the surface of your countertop or your table.

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Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Angle Select Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener

718gaMNCAZL._SL1500_If you are looking for a manual sharpener that would be perfect for those knives that you want to keep in their best state in your kitchen, this offering from Chef’s Choice would certainly not be a disappointing choice.  This is a sharpener that can be easily used to apply a shaving and sharp edge to your blades at such a quick and easy manner.

What you are getting is a sharpener that is highly styled and sleek and is considered as the fastest of the manual sharpeners that the maker has ever come up with. The tool is quite known for providing a durable, super sharp, and arch-shaped edge that will have a lot of bite in it. This is thanks to the one hundred percent diamond-made abrasive wheels that can help simultaneously sharpen the edge for a burr-free result that can only be expected to cut through things quite effortlessly. The unit is known for its separate honing stages that help get the edges of the blade polished for such flawless performance. This is a tool that can be expected to sharpen those quality knives you have at home including kitchen knives and household knives with straight edges, pocket and sports knives, and even those knives that have serrated edges.

This is a manual sharpener that works extremely fast. It is equipped with the crisscross technology which does not only offer a burr-free and extremely sharp finish but one that is going to have a lot of bites as well. With a soft touch handle, you get a secure and easy grip when using the sharpener to manually sharpen your knives.


SunrisePro Knife Sharpener, USA patented, Original, Red

81JcLIIw9DL._SL1500_If you are going to look for a knife sharpener, you would certainly prefer one that is going to be very easy to use. You need one that is versatile too which can be expected to successfully tackle the different knives you have regardless of the materials that your blades are made from. This way, if you have a variety of blade at home and you need them sharpened, it would be easy to do so.

You would be delighted to know that this is exactly what you are getting with SunrisePro’s new manual knife sharpener. This eco-friendly sharpener is a good choice if you are conscious of the effects that your purchases and your activities are affecting the environment. It is a sharpener that can tackle all knives even those serrated ones. This is a tiny sharpener and is portable too so, this is not only something that you will find the idea to have around the house but something that you would not mind carrying around especially if you decide to go hunting.

Getting a SunrisePro sharpener for your blade maintenance needs will surely be reassuring since you know that you are getting no less than great quality ones when you are given a one hundred percent money back guarantee by its maker. It is quick and very easy to use too. So, even when you have always relied on professional sharpening before and have never tried sharpening knives by yourself in the past. You can trust that you will not have a hard time figuring out how this unit is expected to work. You will be effectively sharpening your knives with such efficiency and precision in no time.


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AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

51ZOWqG-w+L._SL1000_AccuSharp’s manual sharpener is easy to use and safe for those people who have never even tried annually getting their knives sharpened before. This is a tool that will allow you to sharpen your blades quickly- from fine-edged knives to serrated blades to axes and to even cleavers. You are getting a design that is not only unique. But is ergonomic as well which will help guard your finger. Thanks to its tungsten-carbide blade that is diamond-honed, you can expect an edge-precision when honing your tools.

Expect a sharpening process that is not only fast bit effective as well. This is a device that is dependable and its construction is done in such a way that you are sure it is going to last for a long time. Of course, even the toughest material in the industry so likely to start showing wear over time. You can still maximize the sharpener since it is reversible. Talk about getting the most worth out of the money that you buy. With an average of five tons ten years between the replacement of the blades, you know that you are indeed getting the most from such a purchase.

This is a sharpener that will not rut. Expect that getting it cleaned easily with water and soap is going to be a breeze. No, you can expect a faster and safer way to sharpen your knives and keep them all in excellent, cutting condition. Renewing your edges can be done in an instant and you can do so while preventing cuts as well since it offers a safety hand grip. Now, there is no need for you to



Knife Sharpener – The ChefSharp Is Your Perfect Kitchen Companion – Outperforming as a 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System, This Sharpener With Ergonomic Handle is For True Chefs – Release Your Inner Chef Today!

71BnW8nYhAL._SL1500_If you are tired of having to purchase products that are low quality and are going to just disappoint you with how they perform, you will never have to feel the same way ever again with this offering from Chef Essentials. This is certainly one very good quality product that you can have around the house that will help you avoid those instances where you only end up with knives that are semi-sharp at best.

If you are tired of having to end up with products that are nothing more than just knockoffs, you can trust that you are getting an authentic product that will be guaranteed for life. Expect this sharpener to offer results that are very razor-sharp.all you need to do is get the sharpener positioned on a sharp surface. It has a handle grip which is very comfortable to hold in one of your hand and you can start sharpening the knife on the tool.

This lightweight and the comfortable sharpener are known for it’s ergonomic and comfortable grip handle. It also has lightweight components that make it easy to handle and use. The unit also happens to have a non-slip foot that ensures a secure grip while at the same time, cushioning the hands for those repetitive motions that you need to perform when you are sharpening the knife.

Expect a beautiful finish too. The knife has a carbide side which is perfect in getting the dulled edges of your knife back to being sharp again. To finish things off, the ceramic side is perfect at getting a very nice finish to give the edge of the blade that beautiful shine. These are high-quality products that you are getting and you are also bringing home something that is guaranteed for life which is perfect if what you are looking for every time you buy items in the market are high quality and durable ones.



With the reviews that we have made above, we are hoping that you will have an easier time determining which among these options present for you are likely going to be most appropriate in keeping the blades you have at home in their best state. Sharpening is part of the maintenance that you need to do on the regular for your blades if you ever want them to stay in their best cutting condition for years to come.

Aside from the features that they are being offered at by their makers, it is important to consider too, how much they are priced and how much you are willing to pay for such a tool. The durability and longevity of these options should be taken into consideration too so you can trust that you will be able to get them handy and usable for years to come.

Taking the time to review these choices and then comparing them will help you narrow down your options to finally pinpoint to the ones that you know will be most appropriate for your needs. Versatility, reliability, safety, and durability should always be among the things that your sharpener of choice should possess so you are confident that indeed, you have chosen a good one this time.

Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners 2017

best-hunting-knifeWhen it comes to the knife, it is very important that you keep them sharp at all times. Whether you are a fisherman or a hunter or one who works in the kitchen, carrying a knife that is sharp is something that you need to ensure if you are hoping to get it to work as efficiently as possible. Anybody who has actually tried using a dull knife before can easily tell you how tough the whole task can be. Unless it is kept sharp, a knife can be pretty useless.

Despite how some manufacturers claim that their knives are never going dull, there will always come a point where the blade will lose its ability to cut and it’s overall sharp edge. This is because repeated using of the blade to cut through things is always going to result in it becoming dull and losing its sharpness in the process.

This is the reason that people who use their knives for activities like hiking and hunting and camping on the regular should see to it that they have the tools and resources that they can use to make it possible for them to maintain its sharpness. There are a number of reasons on why people are advised to always keep their knives sharp at all times. But safety has to be one of the most compelling reasons there is. When a knife is sharp, it will require less force when cutting through something compared to using a dull blade. When there are less pressure and less force used on the knife when cutting the possibilities of slip ups and accidents will be diminished as well.

You are going to need to find the right tool that will help you keep your knife in its sharp state. A sharpener is a good investment especially if you expect to use your knife in many of the activities that you perform on a regular basis. With the market having several names for you to select from it makes a lot of sense that you take the time to find the best hunting knife sharpeners. You will want to choose the right on though since there are more than enough options present for you. You just have to see to it that you first check out some hunting knife sharpener reviews to make it easier for you to decide which choice is going to be more appropriate for your needs.


Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

91RtEObPHWL._SL1500_This offering from Lansky allows you to sharpen your knife with such ease and comfort. The pack includes the sharpening system from Lansky that features five hones. This is the greatest and the latest when t comes to knife sharpening technology. If you are looking for a choice that is truly cutting edge, this is one of the best that the market can offer.

What you are getting is a sharpening system that features five hones, this is an ideal choice especially if you happen to have several sets and types of knives that you need to keep sharpened regularly. The set is equipped with five hones for sharpening that each has different coarseness. This means that it is one sharpening system that can be used for blades that are used in hunting, gardening, for hobbies, and for the ones used in the kitchen.

The system features honing oil and a knife clamp. It also includes screws for the knife clamp and guide rods too. There is also a carrying case and a set of the institution to make sure that you will have an easier time using the system for your knife sharpening needs. The package also includes a medium, extra coarse, fine, and coarse alumina oxide. There is also a ceramic hone that is extra fine.

The sharpening system is also control-angled. For angle options, the user is given 35, 30, 20, and 17 respectively. The stones are color-coded. They also have safety holders that are grooved for the five fingers of the hands. There is also honing oil that is specially formulated. Keeping the knives in place is easy thanks to the knife clamp which is precision-engineered. Carrying around the pack is easy thanks to its custom-molded carrying and storage case.

This sharpening system is very easy to use. The process is quite simple really where you need to get the blade of the knife clamped onto the clamp. Then, you will just need to get the blade scrubbed against the stone. This needs to be done in a consistent angle. Continue to do so until such time as there is going to be a noticeable burr or a seam that is raised and thin that can be felt along the blade’s edge. The burr should be used as a cue to signify that it is about time to get the blade flipped over in order for the other side to be sharpened. Once a burr has been achieved, this is to signify that you have to move through the next stones.

If you are looking for a perfect sharpening system, Lansky probably is especially if you have knives that are small and are medium in size. The stones on the system are pretty small, sharpening a big knife may still be possible, but it is likely to take a very long time to accomplish. This is a really good system that regular people should actually want to invest on where keeping knives sharp is concerned. It is certainly easy and fun to use. It is extremely satisfying and effective at the same time, with the price that it is being offered you certainly have landed a great deal on this sharpening system.



Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener 204MF

61cfKtoqwJL._SL1000_If you are looking for a knife sharpening system that will not leave you questioning the quality of the materials that they are being made of this is certainly one set that you will find it hard to pass. What you are getting from this sharpener from Spyderco are two sets of stones that are alumina ceramic, a set of fine white 7.5 inches stones that are used for professional finishing, as a coupe f 7.5 inches of medium-grit stones that are used for aggressive sharpening.

The set also includes a set of safety rods that are made of brass that is designed to help protect your hands when sharpening. These components are contained in a plastic base along with a lid that makes them easy to carry around and travel with the base is die cut with holes and keyed slots to fit the stones. This ensures that the sharpening angles of the stones are accurately set for scissor and knives setting.

If you are going to look for a knife sharpener you would certainly want to find one that is expected to last for a long time. You need to be sure that you are looking at highly durable materials so you are confident that they will remain very useful to you for years to come. These are products that have been tested for durability and quality at the same time. If you are looking for a name that can meet your cutlery needs, this is certainly one that you would not want to miss out on since this is a sharpener that can only be considered as top notch.

One of the best things that one will notice when using these stones is that they are actually in good quality. If you are to go for cheaper brands, it is very easy to notice lumps on stones that would otherwise be considered perfect. This is why cheaper products can be sometimes useless due to the lumps in the stones’ surfaces. Both the fine and the coarse stone for the sharpening system leave such edges that are relatively fine especially considering the fact that they remove metal very well.

The stones, which are triangular in shape, work really well when it comes to sharpening both serrated knives and regular blades as well. The package comes with an instruction book. This is a good thing since this will allow you to know exactly what it is that you need to do to ensure that you get a blade that is going to have a very sharp edge. You do not really need a lot of skills to get the blade sharpened, and just make sure that you are holding the blade down and up.

While the blade may be offered with a somewhat high price, this is actually very worth it. It comes with four stones, they are long and two of them are medium and two of these stones are fine. All of these stones are very good in quality. You will find that every single one of these numbers that you will need to pay is going to be well worth it in exchange for the benefits that you get out of using these sharpeners.



Lansky QuadSharp Carbide/Ceramic Multi-Angle Knife Sharpener, Blue

712rxIcGPGL._SL1500_If you are looking for ways that you can keep your knives sharp at all times, you have to see to it that you are able to find the right tools that can be used to sharpen the blade. There is a new offering that Lansky has which should make your sharpening experience a lot easier to do. You will now find it easier to get your knives kept in their sharpest condition.

The system offers four angled systems namely- 20, 17, 30 and 25. This means that what you will have in your hands is an ideal sharpening accessory that you can carry around. The unit also has a polishing bench that is built-in and is made from ceramic. Expect that it can be used as a very functional and as a standalone sharpening unit as well.

Thanks to the four sharpening angle that the unit has, it makes it easier for the user to get it utilized for sharpening different types of blades. When used for sharpening kitchen knives, one will usually only need three to four passes to get the blades sharp enough when doing the paper edge test. For this kind of sharpener, though, users are advised to only use the pressure that is light to medium when doing the pass.

Buyers will really appreciate the fact that this is a sharpening system that is very easy to use. There is no need for one to have actually used a sharpener in the past to figure out how to use this tool. The instruction on how to get the blades sharpened at the right angle should be clear enough to allow one to get the task done right.

People will also like the fact that they can easily get good results even when they only need to do minimal passes. For regular knives, one will only need three-four at most. For those blades that are a little difficult, then five passes will be likely what you will need to achieve the right results. Carrying the pack around is easy and the same holds true for getting it stored inside your house as well since it requires very minimal space.

This is a very sturdy pack so you can expect that it is one sharpening tool that is going to be long lasting. There is also a handy hole for the lanyard. Since it is colored, it makes it easier for you to get it located when it is packed with your other camping items.

If there is a con to this system, though, it is the fact that it can be a little heavy. So, some people, especially those backpackers that have always preferred to travel ultra-light might find this a little inconvenience.


With all the choices that you are given in the market these days, it makes sense that you take the time to really get to know your options better before you decide. It would be less overwhelming for you to make the right choice when due diligence is exerted in getting to know these providers better. So, this is a good opportunity for you to take a closer look at the reviews that we have listed above so at the end the day, you get no less than an ideal sharpening system there is.


Best Fillet Knife Sharpeners 2017

ggIf there is one thing that you want to be sure when it comes to the knives that you use around your home, it is that you need to make sure that they remain sharp at all times. A knife can only be as useful as its sharp edges. You will find that it will be easier to go through those cutting jobs when it is maintained sharp at all times. But you have to remember that they do get dull after a while too. You will want to have a tool that you can use to get them whetted and honed back to their razor sharp cutting edge again.

Of course, you would not want to just have any sharpener around, you want to find no less than the best fillet knife sharpeners that the market has to offer. This should not be that hard to do though since there are a lot of choices around and all you need to do is do your homework and get to know these sharpeners better.

Since it can be a little confusing at times to find the best fillet knife sharpener especially with so many options for you to select from, we have decided to make things simpler for you and come up with fillet knife sharpener reviews. Below, we provide you with a list of the top three performing fillet knife sharpeners that are in the market. We provide you with details on their features and their function to make it easier for you to determine which ones will likely suit your home honing and sharpening needs better.

We are hoping that with all the details that we will be providing below. You will have an easier time pinpointing which among these sharpeners will be most handy when added to your home.


Accu Sharp 010 Filet Knife Sharpener

51ZOWqG-w+L._SL1000_If you have fillet knives that you use on the regular, expect that they are going to end up getting dull over time. Constant use and constant cutting are bound to cause them to lose their sharpness. This is not a problem though if you have a sharpener that you can use every time there is a need for you to resharpen your blades. With what Accu Sharp is offering, you can be sure that their 010 Filet Knife Sharpener is not going to be a disappointment.

This is one sharpening tool that should be in every angler’s tools. What this device offers is fast, easy, and efficient sharpening to ensure that you have fillet knives that will always be ready to use every time. With just ten seconds, you are sure that you will have fillet knives that are going to be razor sharp.

Using the device is very easy too. since a lot of people often question the safety of these tools when they have never used them before you get the assurance that this is a sharpener that is not only easy to use but is quite very safe even for those that will be using it for the very first time as well. The unit has a large handle. This means that it will be easy to fit all hand sizes securely and safely.

To provide the necessary sharpening feature for the blades that will be inserted into the sharpener, there are the tungsten carbide parts that are honed with diamond. This means that those blades that have gone damaged ad rough over time can be easily restored back to their most optimum cutting state.

You can  expect proper protection of your fingers when using the unit too. There are guards in full length that are designed for people to avoid slipping up whenever they use the device to sharpen and hone their blades. The fact that the blades are reversible makes it an, even more, ideal choice as well.

Then, there is the price. A lot of people will be surprised at how affordable the unit is. Many would find it comparable in function with many of the pricier units that are out in the market today. So, if you are looking for a unit that is not only simple but is safe and fast too, this is one that you would never dare miss out on


Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

71BDVGz1tmL._SL1387_If you are looking for a handy fillet knife sharpener that you can use around the house, this offering from Smith’s may be worth taking into consideration. What you are getting with the CCKS is a knife sharpener that has a 2-step sharpening feature. This means that getting those dull blades that you have been having a hard time using for your cutting needs at home can now be easily remedied with the use of this handy sharpening tool.

The sharpener has two blades that are made from tungsten carbide. They are designed with angles that have already been pre-set to make sure that every time you have a knife inserted into the sharpening device you are confident that angling will be perfect. This means that users will no longer have a hard time having to reposition the angling of the blade since the device is designed to have all this preset for easier use.

There is no need to have to get the blades to go through several strokes to get the level of sharpness that you will find ideal as well. Most of the time, all that is needed is just three or four strokes and you will be able to get the kind of finish that you want when using the slots for the carbide part of the sharpener. This means that restoring the degree of those knives that have gone very dull is going to be a much simpler job for you to do. This is a sharpening tool that would prove to be excellent not only for fillet knives but for all kind of blades that you will likely have preset in your kitchen as well.

Every buyer of these kinds of products would always want to be sure that what they are getting is a items that can be expected to perform well, while at the same time, will be simple enough for them to figure out it can be overwhelming to have to take on the task of sharpening your blades for the first time. This is why it is always an added relief ad reassurance when you know that you can actually choose to get your knives sharpened with the use of a tool that will be quite easy enough for you to figure out how to really use.


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

71xqCiVflTL._SL1500_If you are looking for a very handy sharpener that you can use as your first responder whenever you need some knife sharpening solution, then this offering from Lansky is something that you would certainly not want to miss out on, whether you are using it around the house or carrying it around with you when you are out of doors, this is one sharpening tool that is handy as it is reliable.

Getting the Blademedic means having a handy and reliable complete sharpening  kit at arm’s reach. The fact that it is designed as compact ad small and light weight ensures that you can just have to place inside your pocket then reaching for it whenever the situation calls for some sharpening task to be done is going to be a lot easier to do. Whenever you are out of the way and are faced with a dull blade dilemma, you are sure that you have something that you can use to get the issue diffused right away.

What is good with this sharpening tool is the fact that it is able to handle the sharpening of different types of blades. You can use it to sharpen those knives with regular blade surfaces. It is very helpful at ensuring that you can get those serrated blades properly tackled as well. It can even be used to sharpen your gut hook blades. If you need to sharpen your fishing knives, then this is one effective tool to use. If you are looking for a tool that offers maximum versatility while remaining small and easy to carry around, this is certainly that kind of knife sharpener that you should be gunning for.

The secret to the effectiveness if this knife sharpener is in the tapered rod that it possesses which is designed to make reconditioning and knife maintenance easier to accomplish. You can expect that this design enables the tool to get you some impressive sharp blade finish even after a few pulls only. When you are out of doors and you need to use your knife ad need some quick sharpening, this is going to be one handy tool to have around.

The unit has a carbide tungsten blade. It is very effective as a coarse sharpening blade for restoring those blades that have gotten dull over time or due to constant use. The fact that you don’t need to have to take a long time to get the restoration of the edges done is very noteworthy too. All you need will be three to four strokes on the carbide tungsten side of the sharpener ad you have a blade that is as good as new again.

There is also the ceramic sharpening side of the sharpener. This is a very handy tool if you want to create a fine honing or finishing for your blades this is a good side to use if you already have a sharp blade, but you would want to get that polished and professional finish. Three or four strokes and you will already get an ideal sharp finish.

There is the feature for serrated sharpening as well. This is a very handy feature as it is designed to successfully hone and sharpen even the smallest serrated blades. Now, you have a tool that is expected to sharpen almost every kind of knife blade out there making it one sharpening unit that you would never really want to do without whether in your home or when you are out of doors.

Many people were impressed by the fact that this is a very reliable tool to have around whenever they have to go backpacking. There is really no telling when your outdoor knife may need some extra sharpening. Being able to carry around a tool that can easily fit in your pocket and is lightweight, but is nonetheless effective, is indeed very reassuring for all those outdoor excursions that you may have in mind.




What we have provided above are the of the best fillet blade sharpeners in the market today. You would want to take a closer look at the features of each of these choices if you are really hoping to make the right choices. Remember that your needs can differ from the need of the next customer. So, you want to take the time to really get to know your choices first and compare it with your needs before you make your choice.

Consider the price of these units as opposed to how they are supposed to work as well. You certainly need to find something that will give you the most value for your money. No, you are certainly not just looking for the cheapest choice there is. But you are hoping to find something that will be really a great investment.

The durability of these devices should be considered too. You want to get a sharpener that will not only be useful for the short-term but one that can be expected to remain functional for the long term too. Take a closer look at the materials that they are made from and see if they are expected to last for many years to come. Then, you get the assurance that you have a tool that will be most useful for a very long time.

Lastly, take your time. This is not a choice that you would want to rush, it always helps that you use the time that you have to take closer look at what the market offers you will be surprised at how much this will help make it easier for you to settle for choices that are not going to disappoint you in the least.

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2017

dddIf there is something that you need to know about knives, it is that they do not stay sharp the entire time. At some point, they are going to experience blades that will be dull and will have a hard time cutting through anything. The reason for this is because when these blades are used to cut stuff repeatedly. The only way for them to go really is to lose their sharpness. This is the reasons why sharpeners are important.

You want to avoid those instances where you have to manually do all the sharpening work. That is just way too much effort for you. Good thing, though, there are actually units like automatic knife sharpener that are powered by electricity that you can choose to use for this purpose. If you are out in the market to find the best electric knife sharpener, see to it that you know what you are looking for. When you have so many choices to select from, you will need to find ways to get your choices narrowed down.

It doesn’t hurt to take the time to review all your options too. It will help make it easier for you to decide when you take a closer look at some electric knife sharpener reviews. Since it is a fact that there are way too many choices that you can find out there, we have compiled a list of the best electric knife sharpeners that are out in the market today with the hope that it will be easier for you to decide which one to get out of the al the details we present.

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

ffIf you are looking for a good sharpening system that is electric-powered, Presto has something to offer. Its 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is a two-stage system that offers a quick and easy solution to your sharpening needs. You can use the system to tackle not only those serrated blades but those that are non-serrated as well. Expect that the results are going to be impression and professional nonetheless.

If you have had bad experiences about sharpeners in the past where you had to do some guess sharpening because you are not quite sure what you are doing, not with this blade. It is equipped with the precision blades which are very helpful at guiding the position of the knife towards a sharpening angle that is an idea. This is why when you use this unit for avoiding those dull blades, you are confident that the results you will be getting will always be ideal.

Achieving a sharpness that is razor-like is easy with this unit. Expect that the results are going to be manifested in just seconds thanks to the sharpening wheels of the unit that are made from Sapphire. This is the same material that is used by professional shops that do business with sharpening blades.

What is good here is that you are not only getting something that is priced at a very good figure, you are getting a sharpener that is very easy to use as well. You do not want to have to take a long time to figure out what you are doing when using the sharpener. This is why items that are more customer-friendly will always be the better choice for you.


LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener featuring Automatic Blade Positioning Guides – 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System

71CTkO99TNL._SL1500_If you are looking for a knife sharpener that you can rely on around the kitchen, you would never want to miss out on what Linkyo has to offer. What you are getting is a sharpening unit that is not only quick to use, but is easy, and simple too. You can now sharpen blades just like how pros actually do and you get to do this right at the very comforts of your home.

The unit is designed to ensure that you are not going to end up committing any sharpening mistakes. The unit has a blade positioning guide in automatic that will help keep the knife in place and in its ideal position. There is also a suction cup feet, a heavy duty one, that will help keep the sharpener in place while it is being in use.

This system also offers two sharpening stages. The stage one is designed to reshape the angle, rejuvenate, and then sharpen the edge. Stage two is designed to finish the sharpening process and getting the blade honed and polished. Cleaning up is going to be such a snap as well. There are receptacles on the unit that is designed to ensure that you are going to be mess-free the entire time. The receptacle will help catch the filings and the shards effectively.

Buyers will be able to buy this unit with such confidence too. This is because the sellers are able to offer a one year warranty of the product that they are registering. What you are getting, this time, is a sharpener that is not only going to look cool and looks stylish, but it is also going to work really quickly and is very efficient at getting the blade sharpened as well.


Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

71DW6Z-z54L._SL1500_You have always been a fan of sharp knives when working around the house, especially the kitchen, you know that it is always easier to do all those cutting chores that you need to do when you have a tool that you can rely on to successfully cut through whatever ingredient you are trying to slice through, besides, sharp knives are safer knives so you are excited at this electric sharpener that Presto is offering to the market.

This product is made of plastic, but you will notice how it is designed for professional knives and for them to remain sharp at all times. This is a system that has 3 stages to ensure that you get professional results when sharpening your blade even from the very comforts of your home.

It is easy to use, so it is not really a necessity for you o to have actually tried using these devices before to figure out how you are going to get your blades sharpened effectively. You just follow the instructions and you get knives that will be looking as good and as sharp as new in no time. With this product, expect that you can get your sports ad kitchen knives sharpened fast. To ensure that you get optimum angles for sharpening, it even has a guide for interchanging the blades so you can really maximize its functions.

While this is a product that packs a lot of power which a lot of buyers would appreciate when sharpening a bunch if knives on the regular, it dies come with a lot of weight. It can be quite heavy and it is rather big. So, if you have a smaller kitchen, then this may be something that you might find to take way too much space. But regardless, you will find that this is actually one sharpener that will still be truly a great buy.

nevertheless, this is one sharoenr that you cannot deny to be a really good buy.


SunrisePro Knife Sharpener, USA patented, Original, Red

81JcLIIw9DL._SL1500_If you are looking for the right electric knife sharpener that the market has to offer, you know that you have to really spend time getting to know your choices in order for you to select the one that is ideal for you. What you are getting from SunrisePro is a product that is going to be a hundred percent guarantee or you get back the money that you will spend. With such reassurance, you are confident that you will get something that will truly be a useful fixture in your kitchen.

This is a tool that can be used quickly and easily too. Now, sharpening any type of knife is going to be easy work for you thanks to this unit’s diamond precision. The unit has a suction cup that is very strong too, which makes it a really good and safe tool for bench uses. This means that it is one sharpening system that might actually be ideal to be used by seniors.


Bottom of Form

This sharpener really does make the cutting tasks that you will be performing with your blades very easy to do. Whether you are slicing meet or dicing vegetables or carving some roast, it is certainly a sharp knife that you need to get the job done. To achieve that, you are going to need a very handy sharpener too and this is exactly what you are getting with this tool.

This is a knife sharpener where you do not really need to have to worry about the different kinds of materials that these knives that you want to sharpen will be made of. This is a sharpening system that is definitely going to be able to successfully sharpen any kind of blade that you have. So, you can be assured that this is one purchase that will be truly worth every single penny for you.

This is a knife that so eco-friendly so if you are one of those people that is very conscious of the effects of the things that you do or purchase or use or the environment, you are sure that this is one product that is not going to end up causing problems for you. Since it can sharpen all kind of blades, you are confident that it is going to be most useful to have around. At the same time, it is portable and it is tiny too so, carrying it around and moving it around the kitchen should not be that hard to do.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

61ML-yRvTxL._SL1000_This new offering from Chef’s Choice would be a knife owner’s dream. For those who struggle with the everyday challenge of keeping all their blades sharp, this is one sharpening tool that can be relied on to make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. You need knives that will cut rather than crush your ingredients. So, this would be a good solution for those dull blades that you have been keeping.

Expect a sharpening system that is electrically powered that offers a real breakthrough in the knife sharpeners that are very high in quality. The unit offers the EdgeSelect technology which is extra sharp along with the Trizor triple bevel edge for stability. Expect to get your knives honed to a 15-degree angle of excellent performance.

Buyers will really like the fact that this is a product that does not only have strength but has durability as well. It has the Trizor edge which combines with the 15ºXV technology resulting in a very ultra sharp blade when sharpened using the system. This is a very hood tool that can be ideally used with it comes to factory edges with the traditional 20 degrees. This is an ideal choice to use for household knives.

There is also a flexible and balanced spring guide that is advanced and is very effective at ensuring that one gets to have a very accurate control of the blade’s sharpening angle. It offers optimum versatility too through its Edge Select system so, expect that it can give you the perfect edge when it comes to cutting tasks.

This unit features diamonds and an advanced stage for stopping to make sure that you can sharpen both serrated blades as well as those with straight edges.

With all the benefits that you are getting from this sharpening system, expect that every single penny you spend to procure one is going to be truly worth its salt.



Knives, whether sporting ones or the ones that you use in the kitchen, are not going to stay sharp at all times. You will find that a time is going to come when you will find that you have knives that are not just making the cut for you. When you are out in the market to find the right sharpener that you can use for this purpose, it is about time that you will know what to look for. We are hoping that you will be able to successful choose the right unit that you know is going to be something that you can rely on when it comes to meeting your needs.

Best Diamond Knife Sharpeners 2017: Make Your Life Easier

electric-knife-sharpener-600x400A lot of people nowadays have shifted their passion and careers to cooking. There have been a lot of television shows about cooking programs featuring the finest chefs in the world, and there is also a competitive cooking program for those who aspire to become the greatest chef in the world.

Speaking of cooking, a chef or a cook or even an ordinary man who also has the desire to cook, need some utensils to aid them while they are cooking and doing the procedures. People are aware that knives are one of the essential kitchen utensils one should have during the food preparation. If you try to think of it, almost every cooking preparation in each of our lives, there will always be a knife to aid us; which makes the lives of every man easier and more efficient.

Knives shape and cut the foods prepared into different shapes and cutting styles based on food that is about to be cooked. Knives make lives easier and faster. Also, chunking big foods when cooking can be beneficial also to the people who will be eating the food because it makes their lives easier; they can chew food faster and can even eat more considering the food size they are swallowing. Who would want to be served a big size of food on the table and be the one to slice it when they eat? Of course, that would take you so much time.

But what happens if the knives you are using at home have become so dull and blunt which would take you so much longer to slice even a soft kind of food?

What should you do when your knife becomes dull?

Others Would Buy A New Knife?

This could be one of your options when your knife becomes dull, but this takes time and more money. A dull knife while cooking food is very hassle to the one who is cooking and this means, slower time for the food preparation leaving everyone hungry. Buying a new knife in the event that you just discovered that your knife has become dull takes time; it is a big waste of time and effort when you can have other options like having a knife sharpener reserved at home in case of such events like this. There are also other people who would rather go to a shop to have their knives sharpened, but the same thing, this will take time as well especially when you really need to use the knife right then and there.

And would you want to buy another knife again after your new knife gets dull? Does this mean that you really need to buy a new set of knives over and over again? This can be costly on your part, though.

Best Option: Have a Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener is a tool used when knives or even razor or saw at home becomes dull and blunt. It is a tool used for the process of making a blade of the knife or a razor sharp again by grinding them into a rough and hard surface mostly with stones similar to a sandpaper. But grinding the blade of a knife into just anything without precautions can also cause your knife to be damaged and useless.

That is why, with the advent of technological development, there have been recent innovations on knife sharpeners in which the manufacturers of these products have developed a more knife-friendly knife sharpeners and most of all, a more safe knife sharpeners where one do not need a mastery to sharpen a knife.

That is why there are so many manufacturers who produce products like knife sharpeners nowadays. They strive to make their product unique and worth the amount of money spent while keeping customers and buyers satisfied.

One of the latest innovations in the knife sharpener is the diamond knife sharpener. Why is it called the diamond knife sharpener? Diamond knife sharpener has a special kind feature when sharpening knives. It has a diamond-electroplated feature which makes it more efficient to sharpen knives and is the best choice for those who love to cook.

But before proceeding, does a diamond can really sharpen knives? Diamond has long been proven to have been sharpened blunt and dull edges. Diamonds have a unique feature to sharpen objects and diamonds can even cut mirrors and glasses. Diamond is known and renowned for being a superlative kind of material. A lot has been amazed about diamonds. Because of its very strong covalent bonds between its atoms, diamonds can cut and other hard objects. It is known to be the hardest material. And diamonds are not easy to find, they can be found under the surface of the Earth close to magma because it is where they are formed. The temperature on that surface of the Earth allows diamonds to be formed. This is also the reason why products and materials that come with diamonds often has the highest market price but these diamond knife sharpeners come with a very affordable price.

Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones

71O5qd6zDOL._SL1500_There are so many kinds of a diamond knife sharpener. One of the products is the: Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones. This knife sharpener has a fine and coarse diamond stones in one compact sharpener. It is very easy to handle and drip since it has a very soft grip rubber handle and a thumb guard for protection while sharpening a knife. This is also ideal for sharpening groove fish hooks and pointed tools as well. The diamond stones can be stored in the handle in just a quick slide. It is very handy and portable and would not take much space for storage in the kitchen. It is undeniably creating a very sharp edge of the knife or tools you are sharpening.

One of the reviews from a satisfied customer is that this knife sharpener can be a jack of all trades. What the review means is that it is a very useful tool and a very practical sharpener to use. The user finds the both sides of the stones a very nice idea to have. Having the cover turns around to shape the handle is a great idea as well.

Another good review from a satisfied customer that for him, it is a very handy sharpener. The sharpener can be easily stored in the handle which protects the coarse and diamond stones from being damaged. This customer has been using this knife sharpener for quite a long time now.

Therefore, this sharpener is very portable and lightweight which can be used not just for knives but for other pointed tools as well.


DMT FWFC Double Sided Dia-fold Sharpener Fine / Coarse

aaThis is another kind of one of the best diamond knife sharpener. It has the same feature as the Smith’s DCS4 but with this tool, you can sharpen your razor or knife without using any kind of oil or water. You can now sharpen your knife dry. It is a two-sided diamond knife sharpener: one side is with coarse diamond intended for to transform a dull edge and the other side is composed of fine diamond intended to sharpen razor sharp edge.

One of the legit reviews from a customer is that he no longer finds the need to look for other knife sharpeners, having the DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener is the best sharpener anyone could have. He added that there are also many other knife sharpeners in the market but this sharpener is the most effective and efficient when it comes to sharpening your knives and tools. It can also last long.


Grinder Diamond Knife Sharpening Steel Rod Sharpener 30cm/12″ Oval 600#

51P0Juci3GL._SL1024_Another kind of a knife sharpener is the Grinder Diamond Knife Sharpening Steel Rod. If you try to check and search for this product, it actually looks like the usual knife sharpener you can find in most of the kitchen but though its shape and form is like most of the common knife sharpener, this knife sharpener steel rod has a unique feature that makes it stand out among the rest of its kind.

The Grinder Diamond Knife Sharpening Steel Rod also has a diamond-electroplated feature which makes sharpening more effective and efficient unlike other knife sharpening steel rod, it has no diamond features, it is solely only a steel intended for sharpening which can’t last long. It has a more user-friendly handle which makes the grip more aesthetic and practical.

A true statement and review coming from a buyer of diamond knife sharpener, that every household needs to have one of these because it makes life easier and better. There is a no sign of using the rod after even using it! It is very fine and effective way of sharpening your knives. It is a professional chef sharpener and there are famous chefs who are willing to testify about their use of these products.

But there are manufacturers who claim to have the best of diamond knife sharpeners, beware of them. It is very easy to claim to have the best products but one good advice is to read real customer’s testaments regarding the products. There are some good diamond knife sharpener reviews you can find. Let us try to look more about diamond knife sharpener reviews:

Overall, according to some of the satisfied buyers of diamond knife sharpeners, having these innovative tools enhanced their way of life and living in terms of cooking. They do not have to sharpen frequently their knives and the diamond knife sharpeners do not get rust fast. They last long and they are very reliable to use.

Another good review is that one buyer had opened his life to a whole new kind of technology and he is in awe for this. He used to have a set of oil stones but now he now has 2 diamond stones. It caused him fewer expenses as well since he has been frequently sharpening his tools and knives and diamond knife sharpener is always there to save the day and make his life easier.

Diamond knife sharpeners are some of the good things to be included in the kitchen, one product reviewer stated. She said that she used to own a knife sharpener way back and it did not last long, it only lasted for months while for the diamond knife sharpeners, for her, it is the best diamond knife sharpener to own.


Beware of Product Scammers

With the very competitive market, this is when scammers come in. So, beware of scammers and fake products. There are also those scammers who produce class A products in which they use similar kind of products to form diamond knife sharpeners but they quality is never the same with the original diamond knife sharpeners. Class A diamond knife sharpeners are cheaper than the original ones, there are a lot of them in the market but please take note that this is Class A and therefore, the materials used to produce the product are not of the same quality used with the products used to manufacture the original knife sharpeners. Therefore, do not risk buying the cheap products that say they come with the same quality because it is very obvious that these are purely sales talk. Do not be deceived. Be a wiser buyer and know when to invest your money that is worth investing with.

So, what are you waiting for? Having a diamond knife sharpener is a very good investment to have in your kitchen. It saves you further expenses from buying a new set of knives, it is very portable and lightweight; safe and user-friendly; comes with high-quality materials and is long lasting.

Make your cooking more convenient, comfortable and faster through the best diamond knife sharpeners. Say goodbye to stressful dull knives and have fun cooking!